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On Saturday, February 12, Spain has a new appointment with the national cinema: the celebration of the Goya Awards. This is the 36th ceremony, and this time it will take place at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia. Unlike the previous year, this time the nominated people will be able to attend in person and collect their award.

The list of candidates continues to grow year after yearwith new faces seeking to gain a foothold in the audiovisual world, but also with well-known faces who already know what it is like to have a bust of the painter from Zaragoza in their home. We review the main data of this new edition.

Drama, comedy and action, what people like the most in Spain

Squeezing the seat hard in a chase, getting to know a good ‘salseo’, but above all make us laugh, continue to be the genres that attract the most attention when it comes to awarding one film or another. Within Spanish production in recent months, the good boss meets two of the three requirementsas is also the case in three other European proposals: bye bye idiots, The perfect man Y Another round.

Animation, documentary and adventure are the next categories who have garnered the most nominations. They are part of the DNA of tapes like The border laws, Below Zero Y Way Downbut also short films like The Monkey or umbrellas.

Meanwhile, films with romance or family as the main category have not been as successful. they just got it tell me that i (2010) and King Midas’s treasure (2011), a short fiction and an animated film.

Men or women, who usually presents the Goya ceremonies?

For the moment, It is still unknown who or who will present the 36th edition of the Goya. Last year, the actor and director Antonio Banderas and the journalist María Casado were in charge of guiding the gala, but by 2022 the organization keeps the secret.

Taking the history of previous appointments as a reference, the truth is that they are the ones who go out on stage the most. Up to 14 times men have been the masters of ceremonies, compared to six opportunities, less than half, with which women have had.

What’s more, they repeat more alone: ​​Fernando Rey, Imanol Arias, José Corbacho and Andreu Buenafuente have intervened alone twice in the Goya, while in the women’s box only Eva Hache equals them. Dani Rovira and Rosa María Sardá are the only ones with three participations each.

It seems that the female presence has a greater weight when a man accompanies her than individually. Up to 15 times the galas have been presented by a person of each sex, either as a couple or in a large group.

Women keep making their way

In 2021, for the first time a woman -Daniela Cajías- won a Goya for Best Photography. Cristina Trenas, in 2014, began the path for this category when she was the first nominee, and in 2022 Gris Jordana continues on that path by obtaining a new candidacy.

The graph below shows how much remains to be done before women have their place in the cinema. Along with photography, artistic direction is the other area where the female sex only has one winner: Ana Alvargonzález, in 2011.

There are only two categories where the female presence is superior to the male: in Best Makeup and Hairdressing and in Best Costume Design. However, the differences are not as overwhelming as in the categories where the reverse occurs.

International Goya and other categories that have been appearing

A week before the ceremony in the city of Valencia, the Film Academy announced the following news: the Spanish audiovisual industry awards would have a new award, the International Goya.

With it, it seeks to reward “personalities who contribute to cinema as an art that unites cultures and viewers from all over the world”, as also happens with the British Baftas or the French Césars. The first person to open the category will be the Australian actress Cate Blanchett.

And since when hasn’t a new category been added to the list of awards to be distributed? Since 2003, moment in which the class for Best Documentary Short Film arrived. It thus emphasized the representation of a type of cinema that had its own space since the previous year, with the statuette for Best Documentary Film.

The vast majority of categories they exist from the beginning and remain unchanged -Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Original Screenplay-, but There are also others that mutated along the way, such as Best Short Filmdissected into three branches: the aforementioned documentary short film and those for Best Animated Short Film and Best Fiction Short Film, born a year earlier.

What do people with a Goya of Honor do?

In this 36th edition, José Sacristán will be in charge of collecting the Goya of Honor after a lifetime linked to the Spanish Film Academy. And, what professions have those people who have won this honorary award had? As highlighted on the Goya website, precisely the categories linked to acting and directingboth held by Sacristán, they are the most gracefulwith 17 times each.

Other jobs, like screenwriter or the one of producer, have also accumulated a good part of the awards, with 11 and eight occasions respectively. Those related to dance or with the distributionbut nevertheless, are the professions with the least impact in this award.

It is worth mentioning the peculiar case of Victoriano Lopez Garcia. He was the first director of the Institute for Cinematographic Research and Experiences (IIEC), the eminent center for teaching these subjects in Spain. The Academy wanted to recognize his value with this award, although it has not been repeated: no other representative of education has received the Goya of Honor.

Freedom… to call movies similarly

This is what has happened in this 2022: Clara Roquet and Enrique Urbizu have attended the Goya with two tapes with the same name: Liberty. At least the jury will not be confused, since each one is nominated for different categories: Roquet’s for Best New Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and Best Film; Urbizu’s will fight for the Goya for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Has this circumstance occurred on more occasions? well almost. Just a year ago, two documentary short films participated with a similar title: Paradise (Matthew Head) and paradise on fire (Jose Antonio Hergueta). Neither of them won. In 2017, Bollywood Made in Spain (Ramon Margareto) and Made in Spain (Coke Riobóo) also performed. Despite the similarity of the names, there were no problems, since the first belonged to a tape and the second to a short film; both were left without a prize.

Where there were awards was in the year 2000. Life is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni) and life is whistling (Fernando Pérez) each won an award in their respective categories: Best European Film and Best Ibero-American Film.

champions been twice, but at different times: in a 1998 short film, directed by Antonio Conesa, and the 2019 film by Javier Fesser. The latter did win up to three awards, including Best Film.

And in 2016, the word “night” was more than represented: ocean night (Maria Lorenzo Hernandez), Nobody wants the night (Isabel Coixett), My big night (Alex de la Iglesia) and Silent Night? Holy Night! (Juan Galiñanes). It only won the second and took home four awards: Best Production Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Original Music.

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