Darlington woman appears on ITV show The 1% Club with Lee Mack

A NORTH EAST woman said her family were “absolutely buzzing” after her success on a new ITV quiz show – and now she is planning to use the money for a summer holiday.

Sara Holliday, from Darlington, successfully navigated her way to the final in Saturday night’s episode of The 1% Club taking home £10,000 as a result.

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The 1% Club sets contenders against questions that can only be answered using logic, reasoning skills and common sense.

Sara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITV

The show begins with 100 contestants, who are then whittled down as they compete to make it to the end and answer a question only 1% of the country can get right, in the hopes of winning £100,000.

Ms Holliday successfully answered the second from final question successfully securing herself £10,000, putting her within a chance of winning £100,000.

The Northern Echo: Picture: ITVPicture: ITV

However, she was given the choice of taking £10,000 or gambling, and taking a chance on the £100,000.

She chose to keep the £10,000, which is just as well, as she found that she would have incorrectly answered the final question.

The Northern Echo: Sara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITVSara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITV

On being asked how she felt about winning, Sara said it was “absolutely amazing.”

She added: “Obviously it was recorded last July, and obviously I’ve known for a while but watching it last night was a bit really surreal.

“It was just a fabulous experience. I got to meet some really great people, and yeah it was just good fun, but a long day.”

The Northern Echo: Sara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITVSara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITV

Although she made it all the way to the final question, she said that a lot of her answers were “pure guesses.”

She said: “Some of the answers I gave, I don’t know where the answers came from to be honest, and then some of them I knew fairly quickly.

“The last question to get to the one per cent, I knew it straight away, the decimal place that I had to put in between the numbers, I knew that straight away, so that was a bit lucky, I guess.”

As the episode was recorded in July last year, Sara said she had to keep her win a secret from a lot of her friends but when they found out they were “absolutely buzzing.”

She added: “It was just my family and my very, very close friends that knew and obviously we weren’t allowed to advertise on social media how I’d done.

The Northern Echo: Sara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITVSara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITV

“My family were obviously absolutely buzzing for me, then they kind of went through a stage of not believing me.

“Then the more I spoke about it the more they believed me, then they weren’t sure I’d actually just won the £10,000 or whether I’d won more, they started doubting whether I’d given them the right amount. ”

Ms Holliday said that she plans to use some of the money on a holiday this summer, however, added that as “times are tough” she would also be putting some away.

She said: “Plans for the money have changed over the last few months, but we’ll be definitely putting it towards a holiday with the kids in the summer and just put some away for a rainy day, times are hard at the minute so it’s good to have some put away for now.”

The Northern Echo: Sara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITVSara Holliday on The 1% Club Picture: ITV

When asked whether she was happy with her decision to take £10,000 rather than gamble for £100,000, Ms Holliday said “yes” because she “didn’t know” the answer to the last question.

She added: “I don’t even understand the question, and I still don’t now and it’s been a year, so I’m very pleased I took the money.”


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