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Daniel Ripa, in the center, poses in Gijón on December 5 with members of his candidacy.
Daniel Ripa, in the center, poses in Gijón on December 5 with members of his candidacy.CANDIDATE FOR DANIEL RIPA (Europa Press)

Podemos is facing these days the first primary processes of the and Grass. Asturias and the Balearic Islands vote between this Wednesday 15 and next December 20 for their candidates for the regional executives in both communities. While in the Balearic archipelago the negotiations lit a list of unity weeks ago led by Deputy Antònia Jover, in Asturias the process has become muddied in the final stretch. The current regional coordinator, Daniel Ripa, in office since the founding of the party and the last baron openly critical of the Madrid leadership, stands for re-election in front of the deputy speaker of the Congress, Sofía Castañón, also secretary of Culture in the leadership of Podemos.

After a campaign in which Ripa has accused the National Executive of trying to “separate” him from the process to “pave the way” for the deputy, this Monday, just 48 hours before the start of the voting, the regional parliamentarian denounced the “intervention” of the Podemos Asturies accounts by the state management, which has avoided publicly taking a position on the process.

As Ripa explained – first in a video and this Tuesday at a press conference in Oviedo – during the weekend transfers worth 200,000 euros were made from the account managed by the party in the Principality to another controlled by the management State of Finance. Part of the money, in the words of the regional coordinator, was destined to “donations to social projects”, and after the transfer of funds, he denounces that the organizations are now going to be left without the aid.

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The intervention of the accounts has its origin in an internal complaint formulated by members of the Autonomous Citizen Council as a result of the announcement, at the end of November and in the middle of the primary process, of a new edition of Project Asturies, the aid plan for programs social that the party carries out with the money coming from the donations of the positions of the formation in the community. The deadline for submitting proposals was only four days, when on previous occasions it even spanned more than a month, according to the bases of the calls consulted.

According to the proposed resolution that the regional directorate sent for a vote to the Citizen Council, to which EL PAÍS has had access, of the 50,000 euros budgeted, two items of more than 12,500 euros had as beneficiaries associations that the complainants link to the environment of Ripa (Moza d’Asturies and La Folixaria Assembly). The Regulatory Compliance Unit, a body that monitors the legality of internal decisions, concluded after examining the reported events that there were indications of non-compliance with the code of ethics, for which it asked the State Finance Department to freeze the accounts with those operated by Podemos Asturies.

For Ripa, who already showed his strategic differences with Madrid when in 2019 he opted to build bridges with Íñigo Errejón when he abandoned the candidacy for the autonomic elections, the intervention of the accounts supposes an “absolute interference of the autonomy and of the project” practiced by his A coordinator in the community, she calls the action “sewer policy” and affirms that behind the complaint is the candidacy of Sofía Castañón. Sources from her environment, however, deny that she or people who are part of her list have promoted the complaint. This was clarified in a statement issued on Monday in which for the first time they responded publicly to Ripa’s accusations and requested information about what happened. “They must explain if they consider it ethical and legal to convene a process with four days of public participation to finance the creation of businesses by their like-minded people with thousands of euros.”

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In statements to EL PAÍS, Ripa identifies precisely as a “characteristic” feature of his candidacy that he allocates 100% of the donations of training positions in the community to “social projects”, instead of “hiring liberated persons.” For the regional coordinator, who is presented with a list baptized as Asturias from close up, These primaries oppose two party models. The “autonomy of the organization”, with a policy of “roots” in the territory, which represents its option, in the face of a political force “that is directed from Madrid”, he points out. He also advocates reaching “programmatic agreements” with other parties before agreeing on positions in the institutions – Ripa did not attend the autonomous ones with Izquierda Unida – and, at the same time, emphasizes an “openness” in tune with the vice president’s proposal Yolanda Diaz.

The tension, which has increased as a result of the auditing of the accounts, had already surfaced earlier in the campaign with complaints about alleged pressure from the national leadership to “move away” in order to “pave” the way. to his rival. “We appreciate the work of the outgoing management”, say sources of Castañón’s candidacy, “what worries us is that on the part of those who aspire to reach 10 years in command we will not see more arguments than complacency and disqualifications towards us”, they add. The same sources indicate that the candidacy, which is named ¡ Puxu! (“Push!”, In Asturian), arises from a “long process” of dialogue and agreement between “different sensitivities” and a “collective” call to the deputy so that she could lead the leadership. The deputy spokesperson for Congress, who maintains her residence in Asturias, defends in her project “deepening feminism, Asturianism and environmentalism” to make it “practical and not just rhetorical”, as well as “finally reaching out to the political, union and social forces ”to“ weave that broad front that is being talked about ”.

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More than 5,600 verified registrants have the right to vote in the primaries. The result, as in the Balearic Islands, will be known on the 22nd.


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