Dad’s outrage as school suspends daughter for ‘inappropriate’ hoodie and leggings

An angry dad has spoken out after his daughter’s school handed her an all-day detention because they said that her baggy hoodie and leggings had violated the dress code.

Police officer Clint Fore said that his daughter Shiloh, 11, had never previously been in trouble at school and he was stunned when she arrived home, stating that she had been given an all-day in-school suspension because her clothes were “inappropriate” .

Shiloh Fore, from Mississippi, in the US, had attended classes that morning in black leggings and and a baggy hoodie that came “almost down to her freaking knees,” her dad said.

However, the principal of West Wortham Elementary and Middle School did not agree, as reported by The Mirror.

When Shiloh arrived at school, she said that she was immediately stopped by the principal Michael Weaver who informed her that she had to spend the whole day in an in-school suspension as she had violated the school’s dress code.

The 11-year-old said she was just one of many students, all of whom where female, who had been stopped by the principal and sent to ISS for clothing violations that day.

Shiloh said she had been left embarrassed and upset and described her experience in ISS as “scary” and “it made me have a lot of anxiety”.

Shiloh said. “My hand wouldn’t stop shaking. And I did not know what to do.”

Dad Clint wrote an angry email to the principal saying his daughter had been treated unfairly, attaching a photograph of her in the clothes which had caused the issue.

“Here we are in 2022 and girls have to worry about wearing outfits that aren’t even inappropriate,” he wrote.

Clint and Ashton Fore were angry at school's actions
Clint and Ashton Fore were angry at school’s actions

Shiloh pictured left with her mum and siblings was left upset after being suspended
Shiloh pictured left with her mum and siblings was left upset after being suspended

“Young kids, especially girls at or around my daughter’s age are going through a bunch of changes. The last thing they need is somebody embarrassing them in the hallway for wearing something that is perfectly appropriate.”

Mum Ashton also posted the pic on Facebook saying: “West Wortham seems to think this is inappropriate enough to put my daughter in ISS for the day for a dress code violation without notifying her parents.”

The hoodie, a gift from a family friend and teacher at the school, was “two sizes too big, almost,” Ashton said.

Ashton’s Facebook post drew over 75 comments, many from other angry parents with kids at the school.

The principal of West Wortham Elementary and Middle School gave 11-year-old Shiloh an in-school suspension
The principal of West Wortham Elementary and Middle School gave 11-year-old Shiloh an in-school suspension

Harrison County elementary school dress code states that leggings can only be worn with a top “longer than finger tip in length.”

While photos taken by her parents show that Shiloh’s sweatshirt did extend beyond her fingertips, she says her backpack caused it to ride up slightly higher than the approved length.

Shiloh told her dad that the Principal Weaver made her hold her arms to her sides, to see if her hoodie was below her fingertips and then she said “he told me to pull up my hoodie so that he could see my shirt”, to see if it was long enough.

Weaver reportedly denied asking Shiloh to raise her hoodie in an email response to dad Clint and declined to comment to reporters.

The school district’s dress code policy states that if a student is found to be dressed inappropriately then parents must be informed and asked to bring a change of clothes.

In the email, the principal apologized for notifying Shiloh’s parents of her suspension but did not explain why Shiloh’s parents weren’t notified.

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