Dad’s Fury After 5-Year-Old Spent His Last Birthday Alone While Boris Johnson ‘Having A Party’


While terminally ill Kip Freshwater had no company or family to help him blow out the candles, Conservative leader Boris Johnson celebrated his birthday with 30 others.

Kip Freshwater and his family on their last voyage
Kip Freshwater and his family on their last voyage

A distraught father has recounted how his son spent his last birthday alone while Prime Minister Boris Johnson threw a party.

Kip Freshwater lost his fight against leukemia after spending his historic fourth celebration isolating himself from friends and family.

But while the terminally ill young man had no company or family to help blow out the candles, Conservative leader Boris Johnson reportedly celebrated his birthday in June 2020 along with 30 others.

The alleged gatherings are said to have occurred while indoor social gatherings were banned.

Ed Freshwater, Kip’s father, was “outraged” to hear that the prime minister had allegedly broken the rules because of what his brave son had sacrificed.

Kip Freshwater during his hospital stay

He told BirminghamLive: “We stayed home for Kip’s last birthday. He had one of his closest friends stand outside the house; they brought him a card and a present and left it by the door.

“Kip loved his friend and his friend loved him, but it was against the rules. How do you say that to a five year old on his birthday?

Ed said he was heartbroken to have to “restrict” his son’s happiness in his last months of life.

“I had to hold him back from one of his closest friends, Kip was really upset,” he said.

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“Kip deserved to enjoy life as much as he could in his five short years.

“If someone had a reason to break the rules, we did it, but we decided not to because it was the right thing to do.

“And sadly he’s not going to have any other parties where we can make it up to him.”

Kip Freshwater and his older sister Millie


daniela salmon)

Kip was undergoing chemotherapy when he turned five, which meant he could only see his immediate family.

On his fourth birthday, just a few weeks before Boris Johnson’s supposed birthday party, Kip and his family took a short stroll through Handsworth Park.

“He wanted to see his friends and be part of his social group,” Ed said, “but we couldn’t do any of that.”

He added: “Kip wasn’t with us very long, but we wanted to give him the best life he could have had.

“We wanted to take him out to see family or have fun days out. He loved going to places like the Sea Life Center and the Thinktank.

“Even when it came to planning his funeral, there were limits to who we could have there – there were so many people close to him that we couldn’t say goodbye to him.”

Ed said he was “disgusted but not surprised” to hear claims that Boris Johnson had attended various parties during lockdown.

“He’s always been straight and out of touch,” he said.

“You have never thought about what other families like ours were going through.

Kip Freshwater loved to climb trees and his family hopes to plant some in his memory.


Ed fresh water)

Birmingham Children’s Hospital became Kip Freshwater’s second home as he battled cancer for three and a half years.


Ed fresh water)

“It’s not a surprise that they did this, but it’s still completely unacceptable.”

Sue Gray’s report on the alleged Downing Street parties was due out this week.

But on Friday, The Mirror said the report may not be published as planned after the Met asked for “minimal reference” to the events it was investigating.

Kip died peacefully surrounded by his family on July 2, 2021.

Ed said the death had left a “Kip-shaped hole” in the family’s heart.

Towards the end of his short life, he inspired people all over the world with his unwavering positivity, positivity that led to his being featured on Radio Five Live Kermode and on May’s Film Review show.

Kip Freshwater died peacefully at home surrounded by his family.


Ed fresh water)

Kip Freshwater a few months after he was first diagnosed with cancer


Ed fresh water)

His catchphrase “smelly pants wee”, which he shouted as he and his father headed to the hospital for chemotherapy, was played on the show, a phrase that epitomized the young man’s attitude on life.

“He was a real character, and he got his character,” said Ed.

“It’s been really hard since he died, but the messages of support we’ve received over the last six months from people all over the world have been incredible.”

TO fundraising The page has been set up by his family with the aim of raising £2,000 to help others fight cancer.

It has already raised over £45,000 in donations, and sales of ‘Smelly Pants Wee’ merchandise remain strong.

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