Dad with ‘heart of gold’ who ‘loved life’ dies suddenly two weeks before Christmas

Ian McIntyre, 51, from Kirkdale, had gone into hospital three weeks ago with fluid on his lung which was coming from his liver before he sadly died on Monday, leaving his children in shock

Carleigh and her dad Ian McIntyre
Carleigh and her dad Ian McIntyre

A dad with a “heart of gold” who “loved life” died two weeks before Christmas.

Ian McIntyre, from Kirkdale, had gone into hospital three weeks ago with fluid on his lung which was coming from his liver, reports Liverpool Echo.

The 51-year-old’s daughter Carleigh, 24, said the fluid was successfully drained and her dad appeared to be getting better.

But tragically, Ian died at 6am on Monday, December 13, much to his daughter Carleigh’s and her 14-year-old brother John’s shock.

Paying tribute to her dad, Carleigh said: “My dad absolutely loved life and he was always singing or laughing.

“He never had any down days and if he did he would still be happy as Larry.

“Me and my dad were best mates we did everything together, even though I had him up the wall most of the time.

Ian McIntyre, from Kirkdale, had gone into hospital three weeks ago with fluid on his lung



Ian McIntyre and his son John



“My dad also suffered with his mental health, but getting help from Clock View Hospital three years ago literally changed his whole life – he come out got a flat and he was made up with it.

“He was so house proud any time anyone would come he would take them on a tour of his amazing flat which he loved.

“Everyone who knows my dad knows how much he idolised his two kids, me and John as he would always share on Facebook and talk about to us to everyone he knew.”

Carleigh said her dad also had type 2 diabetes and was affectionately known as “sugar” due to this.

She added her younger brother John and their dad were “two peas in a pod” and the “spitting image of one another”.

Carleigh said: “Dad was so, so, so proud of our John – his blue eye.

“Our John stayed with him every weekend since he was a baby up until he got admitted into hospital.

“At 14 years of age I can’t imagine what he is feeling, he is devastated that he’s lost his best mate his dad.”

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Carleigh said she had spoken to her dad the night before he died and appeared to be doing well.

However, Ian’s condition suddenly took a turn for the worse and he sadly died.

Carleigh said: “It wasn’t his diabetes, but his liver was deteriorating basically and that was causing fluid to go into his lungs.

“So he had chest drained and that worked happily, they were happy to take him off it and the fluid was gone.

“But his liver obviously had enough and convulsed and that’s what caused him to pass away.

“But at 51 years of age, two weeks before Christmas, it is so shocking.”

Carleigh said her dad loved R&B music and hip hop and his favourite artist was 50 Cent.

She added: “My dad was the most loving and caring man on this planet and he would do absolutely anything for his family.

“We are so lucky to have had a dad like ours not only was he our dad, but he was our world and we will never get over the fact that he’s gone.

Ian McIntyre and his son John



“And the fact that we won’t be able to kiss hug or see him over Christmas, he was made up to be getting out for Christmas but unfortunately he passed away a week before.

“My dad had a heart of gold and was the loveliest person ever, he was known by so many in Kirkdale he was the most loved person ever.”

A GoFundMe page has now been set up by Carleigh’s friend Elle Crowley to help her and brother John pay for funeral costs.

Describing Ian on the fundraising page, Elle said: “Ian went into hospital with fluid on his lung, the hospital successfully drained it fluid.

“Ian was on the mend and looking forward to coming home to spend Christmas with his kids, Ian sadly passed away at 6am leaving his daughter 24 and son 14 of age to fund a funeral, we want to give him the best send-off he deserves.

“Ian was the funniest and loyalist man he would do anything for anyone he had a heart of gold and touched the hearts of everyone who met him. Ian idolised his kids and would do absolutely anything for them.”

To donate to the GoFundMe, please click here.

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