Dad sparks controversy saying he is ‘proud’ of daughter for beating up bully

A dad sparked fierce debate online after saying he was proud of his daughter for beating up her bully.

Posting to Facebook, he explained that his child had been subjected to cruel taunts from a classmate who had told her to “just die”, the Mirror reports.

After facing constant insults, she decided to stick up for herself.

The parent wrote: “My daughter has been complaining about some mean girl bullying her at school constantly.

“Telling her s*** like ‘don’t come to school anymore cause nobody likes you’ and ‘just die already’ and some other s***.”

He went on to say that he had attempted to put a stop to his daughter’s ordeal himself, but that the ‘rich kid’ bully was never properly reprimanded.

“Yesterday my daughter got harassed by this girl again and she ended up beating the s*** out of her,” he continued.

“She slapped the s*** out of that obnoxious bully and said it felt sooo good. She’s of course now ‘in trouble’ smh. But I secretly keep cheering her on.

“If it wasn’t for my wife standing around, I would’ve high five’d her after we got home.”

The dad added that he did not condone violence, and that he knew it did not fix all problems.

The “rich” and “obnoxious” bullies had been allowed to torment his daughter without consequence.

However, he said it is sometimes “warranted” and he hoped it had made the bully learn her lesson.

His post was shared on Reddit, where not everyone agreed with his sentiment.

A debate ensues as to whether parents should encourage their children to retaliate when it comes to bullying.

“Parent happy their child assaulted someone…” complained one.

“Go find a responsible ethical adult at the school and report that instead of assaulting someone,” agreed another.

But others were glad the daughter had stood up for herself, and claimed they would want their children to do the same.

“I’d encourage it. Who knows, maybe buy them ice cream on the way home? After all, the other kid deserved it,” wrote one.

“I would have to support my kid in this instance,” added another.

“Standing up for yourself is mandatory,” remarked a third.

There are often debates on Reddit about how to deal with school bullies – and last year, a mum went viral for excluding her son’s worst tormenter from his party.

Lots of people felt it was the right move – as she was trying to protect her son and ensure it was a good day.

Another mum caused controversy after not inviting her son's class bully to his birthday party.
Another mum caused controversy after not inviting her son’s class bully to his birthday party.

But others felt she’d overreacted – and the son’s aunt let her know in no uncertain terms that she felt she had acted like an “a**hole.”

Her son had just turned eight, and he invited his class to a party at his house, including his pal Kyle.

But the mum hadn’t realized that he was cousins ​​with Josh – another student, who has been hassling her son at school.

So it was awkward when Josh turned up, uninvited, along with Kyle – prompting the mum to make a swift decision.

She told their mother that Josh had to leave – and said her son looked relieved when he learned his bully had gone.

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