Dad murdered his 10-month-old daughter in ‘fit of temper’ after her crying woke him up

Prosecutors said that in a ‘fit of temper’ Ali Zain killed little Aiman, who died from asphyxia, and then repeatedly lied about how she died

Aiman ​​Toor died in hospital after being found unresponsive at an address on Crompton Street in Farnworth

A dad who murdered his 10-month-old daughter as he subjected her to a “violent and horrible” death” faces a life sentence behind bars.

Little Aiman ​​Abbas Toor was killed at the hands of her lying father Ali Zain after her crying woke him up, the Manchester Evening News reported.

He bowed his head as the jury foreman revealed the unanimous verdict. Zain, 25, is the only person who will know exactly what happened prior to her death in their home in Bolton.

Prosecutors said that in a ‘fit of temper’ Zain killed Aiman, who died from asphyxia. He then repeatedly lied about how she died and came up with a ‘fantasy story’ to align with medical evidence, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Police on Crompton Street in Farnworth, Greater Manchester


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The prosecution suggested he deliberately smothered or “crushed” Aiman, causing fatal injuries.

Two ‘elite’ pathologists with 60 years of experience between them said they’d never encountered the ‘exceptional’ injuries Aiman ​​suffered.

She sustained petechial hemorrhages, bleeding under the skin which revealed themselves as red spots on her face.

Aiman ​​had been dropped off at the family home in Farnworth and Zain was left to look after her while his wife Sahar Toor went to work at the Holiday Inn Express near the Trafford Centre.

Zain had returned home just before 2.30pm after an early shift working at a Subway store. Aiman ​​was dead by 6.30pm on November 1, 2019.

Aiman ​​Toor died in hospital after being found unresponsive


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After the fatal attack, Zain lied to paramedics, his wife, and police. Initially I claimed that they had both fallen down the stairs.

He said that he’d been woken up by Aiman ​​crying and decided to put a quilt over her face for ‘no more than two minutes’ to try and make her stop.

When she stopped, he thought she’d gone back to sleep and only later discovered she was unresponsive. Zain later said that he’d lied as he was in a panic, and because in Pakistan the police ‘torture and beat you’.

Prosecutors said that Zain deliberately smothered his daughter and at least intended to cause her really serious harm. At trial Zain admitted responsibility for her death of her but said it was an accident and denied acting unlawfully.

Andrew Thomas QC, prosecuting, said Zain tried to ‘sell’ a ‘fantasy version’ of his daughter’s death to avoid the ‘grim reality’ of her horrendous last moments.

Prosecutors said that in a ‘fit of temper’ Zain killed Aiman, who died from asphyxia


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Aimen’s post-mortem examination revealed seven fractured ribs suffered in non-accidental incidents, which occurred two to five days before Aiman’s death.

The suggested prosecution Zain was responsible, which he denied. His wife told police that Zain had doted on Aiman, and spoiled her with everything she wanted or needed.

Zain had denied murder and manslaughter but was unanimously found guilty after about five hours of deliberations. He is due to be sentenced next week.

The judge, Mrs Justice Ellenbogen, excused members of the jury from having to sit as a juror again for five years following the ‘very difficult’ trial.

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