Dad helping daughter with first period dismayed by wife’s furious reaction

A caring dad who helped his daughter after she got her first period was dismayed by his wife’s furious reaction to his handling of the situation.

The parent had taken his 12-year-old out for lunch when he spotted a small amount of blood on her shorts and immediately realized what had happened.

He reassured her that “everything was going to be okay” before covering her with his jacket and taking her to the shops to pick up sanitary products and a change of clothes.

However, when he messaged his wife later, she said that it wasn’t his place to ‘play mummy’ and claimed that he had stolen an important mother-daughter milestone from her, the Mirror reports.

Sharing his dilemma on Reddit, the 32-year-old dad explained that he drove her to a supermarket where they bought sanitary products and a change of clothes.

He took her to the bathroom to put the pad in, but before she entered he made sure to explain how they worked and waited outside in case she needed him.

He then took her around some fun shops to cheer her up.

But when he let his wife know what had happened, she wasn’t happy at all, feeling as though she somehow was no longer needed.

He wrote: “I texted my wife and told her it was a big day for our daughter. When she left her meeting, she called and I told her what happened.

“She came completely unglued at me and said, ‘Thanks for taking my place as a mother I guess I’m not really needed’.

“She soon walks in the door and says to our daughter, ‘So I guess I don’t have to explain anything cause your father took it upon himself to play mummy today’.”

After taking his wife to one side, he expressed how dismayed he was with the way she was reacting, and tried to explain that he’d only tried to be there for his daughter.

His wife left him feeling like he’d “overstepped a boundary” (stock photo)

The poster – who goes by the username u/itssagood – continued: “She told me it wasn’t my place to do that, and I likely made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“I asked my wife what was the better alternative, just letting her walk around like that and freak out alone when she eventually had to use the restroom?

“My wife says, ‘Oh so you were just embarrassed by the red spot?’ No. I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed.”

The confused dad is now beginning to wonder whether he’s “overstepped a boundary”, and wonders whether he should have just waited for his wife to handle things.

However, his fellow Reddit users have been quick to reassure him that he’d handled the situation wonderfully, applauding the kind way he’d looked out for his daughter.

One person wrote: “Your wife could (should) have prepped your daughter for this – the talk, the period pack, the works. She didn’t.

“You have just set the expectation for your daughter that people who possess a penis don’t get to dismiss, downgrade, or shoot her or other people for bleeding on a monthly basis.

“You, sir, are who I hope and pray I am raising my boys to become.”

Another said: “You acted very appropriately and your wife is just sad that she missed that milestone with your daughter. However, that doesn’t give her the right to treat you that way or make snide remarks to you in front of your daughter.

“I think you did an amazing job and you’re an awesome Dad. I’m sure your daughter will always remember that you were there for her that way.”

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