Crime-affected nightclub KEEPS its license but bans caps and glasses after 9pm after bouncer seriously injured in attack on traveler’s family

A crime-hit nightclub has kept its license after a bouncer was critically injured in a terrifying attack.

Astoria on Flixton Road in Urmston has seen a number of violent events since 2019 according to Greater Manchester Police; including assault, brawl, fights involving large groups of people and someone being glassed into the venue.

Astoria at Urmston

In one serious incident, five or six members of a family of local travelers “attacked” a doorman, resulting in the doorman being rushed to hospital with “serious injuries”.

Now, to address the issues, the venue has been ordered to ban the use of glass after 9 p.m.

A new dress code is also enforced for the venue, whereby hats cannot be worn at the venue and any hooded clothing must be worn with the hood down.

No furniture will be allowed out of the venue after 9pm, to avoid a repeat of an earlier incident when a punter threw a chair out of the club.

Plastic cups will only be allowed on site after 9:00pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays to prevent future cup incidents and body cameras are expected to be worn by 50% of all gate staff.

As part of the evidence provided by the police, the owners of the premises said: “I would like it to be known that we have always been accessible and accessible in the exchange of information, experience and advice when it comes to carrying out the objectives of the license.

“This is evidenced by the fact that since the reopening of the premises we have shortened our business hours on Friday and Saturday nights.

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The Astoria Club on Flixton Road in Urmston

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“We will always be open to talk and would rather work with police and licenses regarding targets than against them. I am aware that dispersal needs to be strengthened and this is now our top priority.

“However, not everyone on that street and seen on camera is our customer. There’s a lot of anti-social behavior going on up and down Flixton Road and just because we’re the last to open doesn’t mean it’s always our fault.”

GMP applied for Trafford council to suspend the venue’s license after repeated calls of incidents inside, near and outside the club.

At a licensing committee meeting, the council decided to keep Astoria’s license, but placed strict conditions on it instead.

County Licensing Committee Chairman Mark Jarvis called on Astoria and GMP owners to work closely together to bring about urgently needed immediate change at the site.

He said: “We have considered the evidence from the police and also the license holder and the representative. We found a lot of pretty convincing police evidence and clearly Astoria has been very poorly managed for the last 18 months and some pretty drastic changes are needed.

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“While there was a suspension request, we are not going to do that. We want the license holder to engage with the police and everyone to work well together and make sure it works with the conditions.”

The conditions included some suggested by GMP, including an increased number of bouncers required at the gates, especially on Friday and Saturday nights and holidays.

Coun Jarvis added: “We are going to leave the furlough hours as they are for now. We are considering this carefully as there is an argument to reduce them, but we would like to see how it works and hopefully there is no need for further review.

“We believe that the other measures that have been adopted will be sufficient to control it.”

Astoria owners have been given 21 days to implement the changes; have the right to appeal this decision and may request a change to their license in the future, but the police may still request a further review of the venue’s license if things do not improve

Coun Jarvis added: “Things definitely need to change and I think that’s accepted by all parties. We cannot continue as we have seen, things must change for the better.

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