Craft beer box containing beers from hand-picked breweries is selling for just £8

With the weather getting warmer and the evenings longer, a high-quality beer in our hand is all we need to feel on top of it all.

If you want to feel the feeling, then listen in. We’ve got a beer box deal to hike your March up a few nights.

So, we’ve launched a craft beer box club called Hopsmore, and this month readers who subscribe will get a box of eight top-quality craft beers delivered to their door for just £8.

All of the beers in the box are from breweries that have been specially picked out by us, because we want our readers to have the best of the best.

All you need to use the code 8FIRSTBOX at the checkout to grab this offer.

It’s a brand-new beer club that we’ve created to help make our readers’ beer-drinking dreams come true. Subscribe to it online here, and you’ll receive:

It’s a jaw-droppingly good deal that’s put beer on our brain and got us repeatedly checking the window to see if the postman is on his way down our road.

What’s special about our Hopsmore beer boxes?

We’re committed to bringing our readers the best of the best, so we’ve searched high and low to find some independent breweries that we really love.

We’ve then put cans from these brilliant breweries into monthly beer boxes, so you can have a collection of great beers at your fingertips.

Join Hopsmore craft beer club today and save £16 on your first box!

What are they perfect for?

Our Hopsmore beer boxes are perfect for the times when you’d rather chill in your slippers and catch up on the soaps, beer in hand.

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It’s a much more appealing picture than standing in a long shopping or buying a pricey pint at your local when you fancy a beer.

Having a box full of quality craft beer of course comes in handy when you have guests around for BBQs, lunches, dinners, picnics, celebratory occasions, and so on.

What beers will I get?

People clinking their beer glasses together
Enjoy a range of great craft beer

If you buy our £8 subscription box, you’ll be getting these eight beers:

  • Firebrand Brewing: Canute Kveik – Pale Ale
  • Gun Brewery: Chummy Bluster – Best Bitter
  • By The Horns: Samba King – Rye Blonde Beer
  • By The Horns: Sunset – Red Session IPA
  • Radeberger Brewery: German Pilsner – Lager
  • Quantock Brewery: the Jack – West Coast Pale
  • Bad Co: Shy Retirer – Pale Ale
  • First Chop: Cal – West Coast IPA

Pay an extra £5, and you’ll get two more:

  • Beatnikz Republic: Haze Faze – Hazy Pale Ale
  • Tempest Brewing Co: Modern Helles – Lager

We also have a one-off box on sale this month. In it, you’ll get two cans of each of these 10 beers above (20 cans altogether).

Join Hopsmore craft beer club today and save £16 on your first box!

How much does it cost?

Join the Hopsmore beer club and you’ll get a box of eight delicious beers and lagers for just £8 when you use the code 8FIRSTBOX at the checkout. After your first box, you’ll still only be paying £24 per month.

If you’d like to drink these wonderful craft beers but don’t want to subscribe right now, then our one-off March beer box would be a great choice. Buy the 20-can box for £30 when you use the code 5GIFTBOX at the checkout.

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Join Hopsmore craft beer club today and save £16 on your first box!

What else will I get?

Someone receiving their beer box in the post
You’ll even get free delivery

You’ll be able to munch and read your way through your craft beer journey of discovery, as both boxes come with a magazine and snack.

You’ll also get free tracked delivery, so you don’t need to worry about getting an annoying delivery charge added at the checkout.

So, whatever you do this March, enjoy yourself. Embrace the longer days, the warmer weather and brilliant beers from some of the best breweries. Buy your £8 beer box or one-off £30 beer box here and don’t look back.

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