Covid latest news: UK’s move to end Covid restrictions early ‘very brave or very stupid’, warn scientists

Boris Johnson announces plan to end all Covid restrictions this month

Scientists have come down heavily on Boris Johnson for his surprise move to end all domestic Covid restrictions in England, calling it an experiment that will be either “very brave or very stupid”.

This comes after the prime minister announced that the legal requirements on self-isolation could end as early as this month, and not at the end of March as stated earlier — a move scientists are not openly backing.

The early end to Covid restrictions in England could mean people will not be required to self-isolate, wear masks in hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies. It could also end the mandate of wearing masks in schools and shutting down of premises in case of outbreaks.

Several European nations like Greece, Portugal and France have also eased Covid travel restrictions.

Official data released this week showed that death rates have dipped below the five-year average during January, even as Omicron wreaked havoc in the country.

Close to 5,000 people died across England and Wales in January, contrary to a higher figure expected in the time of coronavirus outbreak.


Clinically vulnerable and carers excluded from PM’s self-isolation plan

Boris Johnson’s plan to end self-isolation and asking people to live with the virus has left the clinically vulnerable and care-givers bracing themselves for a tough time.

“They haven’t thought about how it’s going to impact people who are still vulnerable to Covid,” she said.

“It’s very frustrating that we have just been left out of the planning and the conversation.”

Similarly, one parent of a clinically vulnerable 23-year-old feels she has been “left out of the conversation” as England moved to scrap the self-isolation requirement.

People will not be required to self-isolate in the coming few weeks, announced Mr Johnson on Wednesday, as he prepares to tell people to live with Covid when Parliament resumes on 21 February.

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Scientists say Boris Johnson playing ‘fast and loose’ with people’s health

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of playing ‘fast and loose with people’s health’ as ​​he moved to end Covid-19 restrictions as early as this month’s end, contrary to plans of ending them in March.

Scientists who have questioned the move are calling the decision an experiment that could go on to be either “very brave or very stupid”.

Dr Simon Clarke, an associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, called the move “an experiment which will either be shown to be very brave or very stupid – but nobody knows for sure what the result will be”.

Only the guidelines which require people to stay home after testing positive—akin to after contracting any infectious disease—will be in place, in the new set of guidelines.

My colleagues Samuel Lovett and Ashley Cowburn have the full report here.

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