COVID Casado accuses Sánchez of using the Autonomous Communities as “human shields”

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has accused the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, dand use the autonomous communities as “human shields” in the pandemic when the president is “solely responsible.” “Do something now”, He has snapped at him, and has returned to claim a pandemic law. Sánchez for his part, has boasted of vaccination in Spain, He has accused Casado of “lying” and has responded: “We are not in March 2020”. It has also ensured that “Fathers and mothers will be able to spend Christmas with their children“.

Both have spoken this way in the control session to the Government, the last of the year and that it has also coincided with the Christmas Lottery Draw. But, above all, it was celebrated when this Wednesday the Conference of Autonomous Presidents called by Sánchez to address measures against the pandemic, just 24 hours before Christmas Eve, something that has been harshly criticized not only by the opposition, but also by the partners of the Government, who have accused the “improvisation” of the Executive.

Casado, who began his speech by congratulating the president on Christmas and not “the winter solstice”, has warned that “All Spain is shocked” by the sixth wave of coronavirus: “Millions of Spaniards We do not know if we will be able to be on Christmas Eve with our parents, if we are going to be able to kiss our grandparents and if we are going to be able to spend the Kings with our children “

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Although man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone, you stumble upon the same virus six times ”, he has snapped. And, after saying that there are “120,000 deceased” by COVID and accusing him again of “hiding the figures”, declaring “the virus expired twice”, “hiding alerts” and “blocking the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the negligence”, he has reproached: “He is going to gather the communities to use them as human shields when the law says that you are the only one responsible ”.

Therefore, he said not understanding that the president of the Executive does not accept the “outstretched hand” of the PP for a pandemic law. “Call it what you want, take it as your thing, it is not a thing of the PP, it is requested by the European Union, the judges, their autonomies and even the former ministers Carmen Calvo and Juan Carlos Campo,” he continued. “Why do not you do it? What brings you to that pride and irresponsibility? ”, He insisted. Finally, he has reproached him that Spain is “at the head of all negative indicators” economic, with “hunger lines”, families that “do not pay the shopping basket” or do not know “if they are going to pay for electricity.”

“What else has to happen for you to do something?”, He continued, making this formulation “so that Sánchez is not offended” (after last week he asked him “what the hell has to happen for him to assume responsibility” . “Stop playing the lottery with the future of the Spanish”, has continued, and has reiterated his request: “You do not have any measure (…) Do something, Mr. Sánchez, that’s what they pay you for”.

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Sánchez: “Parents will be able to celebrate Christmas with their children”

On your turn to answer, Sánchez has reproached that “the same thing always happens” in Casado’s interventions in Congress: “He uses his question as a pretext to launch a string of lies, tricks, insults and insults to which he has us accustomed ”. Although he has recognized that “today he is calmer.”

Regarding the “commotion” that Casado talks about before the sixth wave in the middle of Christmas, Sánchez has responded: “Parents will be able to celebrate Christmas with their children and grandparents with their grandchildren ”. “Don’t worry,” he told him, and he blurted out that, “despite his ominous predictions” and when “a year ago he said it would take four years” to vaccinate, “today we have 90%” of the target population vaccinated In addition, he recalled that the child population is already being vaccinated and the third booster doses are being applied.

In this sense, he has insisted that “We are not in March 2020”. “I know it hurts and I don’t understand why,” he continued addressing the ‘popular’ leader, whom he reminded: “We are the first country to receive European funds by the reformist impulse of the Government ”.

“The conclusion is simple. Spain, faced with the greatest calamity in a hundred years, has resisted, has not given up and is moving forward”, Has sentenced Sánchez, who has asked Casado that“ in these days of rest and reflection, meditate, abandon the insult, the tension and the anger and take the path of education, civility and respect ”. “Reflect, Mr. Casado, and lend a hand”, has settled.

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