Court told dead gangster Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll ‘popped his cherry’ in gangland shooting


A convicted heroin dealer yesterday told a murder trial that a man accused of a fatal shooting was innocent because dead gangland thug Kevin “Gerbil” Carroll was the killer.

Carroll revealed to Alexander Sutherland that Jamie Campbell was the first person he killed, a court was told.

Sutherland, 32, told a jury that Carroll revealed he did the shooting in Glasgow’s Drumchapel during a car journey.

The witness said Carroll made the claim as they passed another man called James Campbell.

He told the High Court in Edinburgh that Carroll said “There’s Casper” in reference to the ghostly cartoon character.

Alleged murder victim Jamie Campbell
Alleged murder victim Jamie Campbell

Sutherland claimed Carroll gave the man the name because “that was the name of the first person he killed and he thought it was…fitting…for the other Campbell.”

Defense advocate John Scullion QC: “So Kevin Carroll told you he killed a person called James Campbell asked from Drumchapel?”

Sutherland replied: “Yes.”

The witness was giving evidence at proceedings against Morton Eadie, 56, Darren Eadie, 30, Ross Fisher, also 30, and John Kennedy, 41.

The four men deny murdering a man called Kenny Reilly by shooting him dead in Maryhill, Glasgow, on April 16, 2018.

Kennedy also denies murdering Jamie Campbell by repeatedly shooting him in Essenside Avenue, Drumchapel, Glasgow in March 2006.

His lawyers have lodged a special defense stating that Carroll – who the jury heard was shot dead in March 2010 – murdered Campbell.

Sutherland told the jurors that he is presently serving a 14-and-a-half year prison sentence for supplying heroin and has convictions for assault and knife possession.

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Kenny Reilly, who was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of a silver BMW
Kenny Reilly, who was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of a silver BMW

Sutherland described Carroll as his “brother-in-law” and had been with his sister Kelly Green for “14 to 15 years.”

He also told the court that he acted as Carroll’s driver.

Scullion asked: “Did he say anything to you at that time about virginity?”

Sutherland replied: “Aye.”

He added: “He said he popped his cherry by killing the first Campbell.”

Scullion then asked: “So that James Campbell was the first person he had killed?”

The witness then said: “Yes.”

Prosecutor Steven Borthwick asked the witness whether he had given untruthful evidence.

He said: “Mr Sutherland, I have to suggest to you that you have come to court to tell lies about the conversation you had with Kevin Carroll and you have done that to help out John Kennedy who is standing trial for murder – what do you have to say about that?”

Sutherland replied: “That’s your opinion. But let’s stick to the facts. I was in the car that day. I knew what he said. You don’t.”

The trial before Lord Beckett continues.

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