Couple who won £12m on Euromillions hand cheques to 30 family and friends

Sharon and Nigel Mather decided to do a u-turn on their pledge to keep their £12million win a secret – and announced the news by sending big cheques to their cherished friends and family

Nigel and Sharon Mather
Nigel and Sharon Mather decided they would pop a cheque in the post to 30 friends and family

A couple who scooped £12million after playing the Lottery “on and off” decided to write 30 cheques so they could change the lives of most of the people they know and love.

Sharon and Nigel Mather were just occasional EuroMillions players when they hit the jackpot back in 2010, report the Manchester Evening News.

But after enjoying their incredible wealth in secret, they soon decided the time was right to share the money far and wide – and did it all with a spreadsheet.

The couple, from Sale, Greater Manchester won the life-changing amount when Nigel, 55, was working as a hotel manager, and Sharon, 50, had just given birth of their second son.

But they declared the fortune was just too much for one family to enjoy.

They also donated a portion of their £12.4m winning to a hospice



After initially rejecting the opportunity going public, they changed their minds and decided to tell the world in style.

They sat down and decided to send a large amount to 30 of their friends and other members of their family they had yet to support.

“It wasn’t about showing off,” Sharon said. “It was about helping the people close to us

“My husband used to be a hotel manager and he made a spreadsheet and went round to about 30 friends and family’s houses and it was almost like Secret Millionaire.

More than ten years on, they still have plenty in the bank


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Nigel and Sharon used a spreadsheet to work out how they would help people



“We made a little card and put a cheque in it and gave it to them.”

But it wasn’t just the people they cherished who were given a welcome helping hand by the generous pair.

One of their biggest donations was to Manchester’s Francis House Hospice, which was very close to their hearts following the death of their niece, aged 18.

Nigel is also now the chairman of local charity Stockdales, which his mother used to work at.

Sharon and Nigel to keep their sons grounded as they grow up with millionaire parents.

After initially rejecting going public, Sharon and Nigel soon changed their minds


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Reece is 15 and Lewis is just 12 – and although they don’t remember the big moment, the kids grow up knowing how lucky they are.

The mum added: “We have always said you respect what people have got, never brag, and never show off. We have just been blessed and been lucky.

“We have always said we class it as a responsibility to have that amount of money and we want to do good with it and not waste it or blow it.”

“Even now at Christmas time, they don’t ask for anything silly. In fact, they probably get less because we don’t want to overly give them too much.

“Like being a parent, winning the lottery doesn’t come with a book. You are learning all the time.”

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