Couple left with £6,000 vet bill after beloved puppy suddenly collapses and dies

The body of the beautiful 11-month-old Siberian husky is being held in cold storage until his owners can afford to cremate him, after he died from a seizure last Saturday

Cute Siberian husky with blue eyes
A Siberian husky suddenly died from a seizure and left his owners with £6,000 in vet bills

A couple have been left heartbroken after their 11-month-old puppy suddenly died last Saturday.

Siberian husky Aries suffered an unexpected and violent seizure that meant he had to be put to sleep, leaving his devastated owners with £6,000 in vet bills.

The young dog’s body is being held in cold storage in a veterinary surgery in Bristol until his owners can afford to cremate him.

Owner Misty Bennett described Aries as “cheeky” and “full of life” and said that she never imagined he wouldn’t make it to his first birthday.

“If love could have saved him then he would be running around now,” she said.

Aries was a healthy and happy puppy


Misty Bennett)

Owner Misty describes him as a ‘bundle of joy’


Misty Bennett)

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Misty and her partner Kaidon Reid, based in Bristol, welcomed the eight-week-old Siberian husky into their home last April.

“He was a bundle of joy,” Misty said. “The biggest character ever.

“During the rare moments that he was in a soppy mood, he loved a hug. But most of the time, he was just bounding around, constantly happy and full of life.”

Clever Aries would “stamp his paw” if you held his treat for too long and even taught himself how to turn the tap on.

“You couldn’t not miss him the second you left the house,” Misty said.

Aries had a favorite squeaky, brown teddy that he would play with for hours, and was obsessed with tennis balls.

He didn’t know his strength or size, and would often get really excited around small dogs – in the friendliest way.

“I loved cheese,” Misty said. “I could n’t even eat a packet of Mini Cheddars without his face lighting up.”

For the first 10 months of his life, Aries was healthy.

Then last Saturday, Misty and Kaidon were preparing dinner at home when the pup began to shake violently.

“We both ran over to him and stroked him, but he couldn’t control his head and began shaking even more,” Misty said.

Aries was starting to become drowsy and couldn’t keep his back legs up.

Knowing something was seriously wrong, the couple carried him to the car and drove him to their local vet.

“We ran into the vet shouting for help and four of them carried him inside,” Misty recalled.

The husky had a sudden seizure last weekend


Misty Bennett)

His body is currently being held until they can afford to cremate him


Misty Bennett)

After 20 minutes, the pair received an update to say it “wasn’t looking good”.

Aries was having a seizure, and the cause was unknown.

“The vet couldn’t transfer him to a hospital until he was stabilized,” Misty said.

“We looked at every option, but even if a miracle happened and they could keep him alive, his quality of life wouldn’t have been good.

“It was clear to see he wasn’t comfortable on medication, so the right thing to do was let him go.”

Despite the work of the “amazing” vets, Aries didn’t survive and heartbroken Misty and Kaidon spent 30 minutes saying their goodbyes.

“We gave him kisses and a speech about how much we loved him. After that, we had to put him to sleep,” Misty said.

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The dog’s body is now being held in cold storage until Misty and Kaidon are able to cover the vet bills.

“It’s just horrible to even think about,” Misty said. “I know he’s not rotting away, but I can’t help but think that way.”

To cover the cost of an autopsy, cremation and memorial, the Bristol couple wants to raise £6,000 – which they cannot afford.

“If we are able to raise £1,000, then we can take him out of cold storage and pay for his cremation,” Misty explained.

“Then we can pick up his ashes when the full bill is paid.”

£4,000 will cover the medication and out-of-hours bills, but will not cover the cost of an autopsy.

“Aries is worth so much more than £6,000 to us. If love could have saved him then he would be running around now,” Misty said.

So far, they have been able to raise £420 of their £6,000 goal on their fundraising page.

“Any money we raise will help enormously. Thank you for your support,” the page reads.

If you would like to donate to Aries cremation and memorial, you can visit their GoFundMe.

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