Couple heartbroken as pet dog tragically dies in police kennel after being seized by cops

A couple were left heartbroken when their dog tragically died in a police kennel after he was seized for an assessment.

Gina Beggs and Marc Culley had their pooch Jax, who was eight months old, taken off them for an assessment on May 2, because the police were alerted that their puppy had a brown nose like a Pitbull.

Pitbulls are classed as a dangerous dog which need to be assessed to ensure that they are not a danger to society – they are then normally returned to their owners if no issues arise, Hull Live reports.

Marc, of Withernsea, said: “Jax was taken to the kennels in Hull and we were told he was doing fine and settling in well. The dog assessor made a comment about Jax being one of the most well-tempered dogs he’d had to seize.

Gina Beggs, Marc Culley and Jax

“We then got a call on May 11, to say that Jax had caught parvovirus and he’d become poorly. Apparently four or five other dogs in the kennel have also caught it. We were told that Jax was responding to the medication but then they were informed that Jax was in a lot of pain and passed away.

“We’ve put in a request for Jax’s body to not be destroyed. We want an autopsy.”

The family described Jax as a “loving bouncing boy that would never hurt anyone.” “We feel lost without him and want to find out what’s gone on,” Gina said.

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Marc added: “I’ve had dogs all my life and we have other dogs in the house that Jax never had a problem with. We just want justice for our boy.”

Humberside Police have said they are currently working closely with the kennels to ensure the required precautions are taken to ensure the safety and care of all other dogs at the facility Jax was in and making contact with all owners of dogs in the kennels.

Superintendent Lee Edwards said: “We fully understand the distress that will have been caused following the death of Jax. Dogs are very much apart of our families and we offer our condolences to the owners.

“Legislation exists that permits officers to seize dogs if reports are received that they are a suspected banned breed, are potentially dangerous or have been involved in an incident that resulted in injury.

“The decision to seize dogs is never taken lightly and it is only completed to allow for a full assessment by an appropriately trained officer. This is to ensure both the dog’s wellbeing and to protect the public and members of the community.

“We work in partnership with a private dog kennels who provide care and accommodation to support the needs of dogs after they are seized.

“We always try to work with the dog owners sensitively to assess and ensure the welfare and care of each dog thoroughly, with health screening and vaccinations provided as part of an initial assessment at the kennels.

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“The kennels have advised the parvovirus infection has recently been identified at the facility, which sadly Jax contracted and despite receiving specialist veterinary care, passed away on Wednesday evening.

“We are working closely with the kennels to make sure all relevant precautions are taken to ensure the safety and care of all other dogs at the facility and making contact with all owners of dogs in the kennels.”

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