Couple desperate to help 14-week German Shepherd puppy with ‘nightmare’ illness

Kirsty and Andrew, of North Lincolnshire, are concerned for their puppy Meika who suffers from seizures, head tilts blindness in one eye and needs an MRI scan

Puppy Meika needs an MRI scan to diagnose a potential brain condition
Puppy Meika needs an MRI scan to diagnose a potential brain condition

A couple are rallying to save their poorly pup which has been suffering from sudden seizures and needs a critical brain scan at just 14 weeks old.

Kirsty Spendlove, 21, and her partner Andrew, 22, have been pushed to breaking point as they try to get a diagnosis for the German Shepherd named Meika.

The dog-lovers have had “endless nightmares” about the health of their pet who walks with a strange head tilt, is clumsy on her feet and blind in one eye which could require surgery.

Kirsty, from Scunthorpe, told Grimsby Live : “Meika seems so well as she is playful and so happy but then she can suddenly have a seizure in an instant.

“We are greatly concerned about her health when she has seizures. When she goes through something like this, she is conscious and does acknowledge our voices.

Kirsty and Andrew have been pushed to breaking point in the search for a diagnosis



The pup can appear fine before having a sudden seizure



“It is really scary to see your pet go through something like this. Finances are currently low and our insurance will not cover the treatment she needs.

“Myself and my partner have never experienced something so traumatising from the moment we picked her up until now, it is like an endless nightmare for our girl and she needs help.”

The couple went to Abbey Vets in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire, in January to give Meika a vaccination and microchip.

Kirsty said: “The vets gave her a microchip but didn’t give her any vaccinations because of fears that it could make her condition worse and wanted to investigate it further.

The couple have launched a fundraiser to help with Meika’s diagnosis



“They said they thought she may be showing signs of vestibular disease, a balance disorder which is more common in older dogs. or a brain problem.

“They gave her some steroids and antibiotics and told us to keep an eye.

“But two weeks later, I had to ring the emergency vets because we had to witness Meika suffering from a severe dizzy spell.

“It led her to fall to the floor, crawling around the room whining because she was scared.

“We then went to Rase Vets in Scunthorpe on January 18 who suspected this was a partial seizure, that occurs from the dizziness caused by the head tilt and imbalance.

“It is daunting to have to sit and watch our girl go through this knowing we physically cannot help her at this time.”

The baby pooch is also blind in her right eye which might have to be removed



Kirsty and Andrew launched a Go Fund Me page because they have run out of funds in their efforts to save their precious pups.

The pair set an initial target of reaching £1,000 but they say they will require at least £3,000 to help Meika get a diagnosis.

“We have been referred to a neurological vet so that Meika can have an MRI scan which will hopefully give us an indication of what is wrong with her,” Kirsty said.

“It will cost a minimum of £2,000 which we just don’t have.

“We also found out that she is blind in her right eye which may also need to be removed and we’ve been quoted £1,000.

“We’ve been to our insurer who says they will not pay for any treatment that Meika needs which is heartbreaking.

“We are only human and are trying the best we can for Meika and we just want answers.

“We have maximized our efforts to help her but this hasn’t been enough, and now we are asking you for help.”

But despite this, Kirsty and Andrew say that Meika is an adorable dog who is loving and caring.

Kirsty said: “She is a happy pup and has got her own special character and so many people adore her.

“Meika has been the missing piece to our family. She’s my best friend and I call her my little fur baby.

“When she’s around, everyone smiles. She means the absolute world to us.

“She doesn’t seem to be in any pain but we just don’t know and it looks to be uncomfortable for her.

“We just don’t want to give up on her we want to at least give her the opportunity to find out what this is whether it is a brain condition, or in relation to the eye.

“We are determined to give her the chance at life like she deserves because she has a heart of gold.”

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