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The former mayor of Lorca, the popular Fulgencio Gil, his party partner, the former councilor for livestock, Ángel Meca, the spokeswoman for Vox, Carmen Menduiña, and his partner, the mayor Jose Martínez, gave “a rally” at the meeting called by the negotiating committee of the livestock sector two days before the assault on the Lorca town hall last Monday, according to members of the convening associations. “Nobody invited them, they showed up there because they heard about it, they asked to speak and the people wanted them to speak,” says one of them.

A hundred businessmen and farmers attended the meeting at the Faroli wedding hall, activated by social networks “to be informed of the status of the negotiations” with the local government, which sought to prevent the approval of a motion to modify the General Plan of Urban planning that fully affects the regulations that regulate livestock farms.

“We are on your side, we do not share the motion and we do not agree with its approval,” say the attendees who defended the mayors. “They wanted to make a partisan use of our struggle, get a political profit, and they have managed to politicize everything and distort our legitimate claims,” ​​explained members of the livestock commission, in which there are representatives of COAG, ACEGA, Adespolorca, Piensos Rambla, Alia, Alimer… Up to a total of eight associations from the agricultural and livestock sector, the main economic engine of this region and of this town, the second largest municipality in Spain, which has nearly a thousand livestock farms, which provide work for a large part of its nearly 100,000 inhabitants.

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“We went to the farmers’ assembly, like other times, invited, on this occasion by directors of Adespolorca, the health defense association for the pig sector,” explains Councilor Fulgencio Gil (PP), who recalls that “he was also there José Tomás, representative of the executive commission of the PSOE” of Lorca. “And what I told the hundred ranchers present there,” he says, “is that I really understood that the commitments made to them by the municipal government team had not been fulfilled and that it was not being managed well, and that since the popular group supported them in their demands as always”, he adds.

Gil also recalls that, from the outset, “more than a year ago”, a series of conditions were agreed with the farmers in exchange for assuming the requirement of the new distances of all the farms (1,500 meters) with respect to the urban areas that the new regulations would impose. However, “the motion not only did not assume those original conditions, but also expanded the requirements” for ranchers “because it was managed as a modification of the General Urban Planning Plan and not as a specific regulation of distances, without more,” he says. Gil.

The mayor of the PP, who also accompanied the ranchers in the demonstration last Monday to the place where the plenary session was to be held, believes that the violent assault occurred as a result of “the impatience” of the ranchers, who “could believe that the motion was being approved” or that “they wanted to know what was going on inside” after an hour of waiting on the street. However, the ranchers concentrated there knew perfectly well that their representatives were meeting with the mayor, Diego Mateos (PSOE) in an in extremis meeting that did not manage to remove the motion from the agenda of the plenary session, as they intended, but they did provoke with their violent entry his suspension. “We approve the mobilization of the sector but we reject the assault”, Gil justifies.

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sanctioning file

“We must act as an example to prevent the repetition of extremely serious and intolerable events such as those that have happened in Lorca and that force us to appeal to the responsibility of certain political groups that condemn halfway, condemn with nuances or, directly, do not condemn”, The delegate of the Murcia Government, José Vélez (PSOE), has indicated this Thursday. In this way he has announced the opening of a disciplinary proceeding against the organizer of the demonstration of Lorca farmers and all those participants who have violated the Citizen Security Law.

”In parallel, and without prejudice to the criminal procedures that follow their own course, we have requested the Lorca city council and the National Police all the complaints filed for infractions that correspond to the provisions of the Citizen Security Law to open the corresponding files. sanctioners”, he added.

Vélez thanked and congratulated the National and Local Police of Lorca for their work and for “a rigorous investigation that, so far, has resulted in the arrest of seven people in just 48 hours and they have been released. [con cargos] but they will have to answer for charges of public disorder and attack against law enforcement officials.”

For its part, the consistory has already expressed its intention to file a criminal complaint against the assailants for the altercations that occurred at the Local Development Center (CDL) last Monday, where the municipal plenary sessions are being held for security reasons related to the pandemic. of covid. According to the legal services of the city council, the facts are serious enough to constitute crimes included in the Penal Code: “Resistance to authority, aggression or verbal and physical violence.”

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