Coronavirus last minute, | Portugal and Germany study new restrictions to curb coronavirus waves


The Ministry of Health has notified 6,315 cases and 29 deaths with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. The official count in Spain reaches 87,804 deaths and the cases since the beginning of the pandemic amount to 5,074,027. The incidence of the virus continues to rise and already 104.29 cases of coronavirus are detected per 100,000 inhabitants.

The incidence is higher in Navarra and the Basque Country. Euskadi has announced that will suspend events where security measures against coronavirus cannot be guaranteed and will ask the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country to authorize the COVID passport to access restaurants and nightlife. In fact, several communities are already considering its use to stop the spread of the virus.

The infections are also growing in Europe and several countries are imposing restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated. In the case of Germany will force “sensitive” personnel to be vaccinated and will impose restrictions on the unvaccinated as restrict their access to public life when certain levels of incidence and hospitalizations are exceeded. Greece and Austria have also taken similar measures.

Follow here the last hour of the pandemic minute by minute:


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    Data update in Aragon. Public Health has reported 275 infections in Aragon corresponding to Thursday, 51 less than the previous day and 90 more than a week ago, with an accumulated incidence in progressive rise over the last few days.

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    “This measure is not necessary in France”, underlines in an interview published this Friday by the newspaper The voice of the North the French president, who explains that the countries that have launched it (firstly Austria) had not resorted to the health certificate as his country has been doing since the summer.

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    France. The obligation to have the COVID certificate in France for social activities, such as going to the cinema, a show, a stadium and even a drink in a bar or restaurant, makes it unnecessary to resort to the confinement of the unvaccinated, according to the president Gaul, Emmanuel Macron.

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    Darias defends that the pandemic has taught us to anticipate decision-making now “prepare us for future threats“but it shows off the” strength “of the National Health System.

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    On the possibility of requiring the COVID passport that some autonomous communities claim, Darias insists that we must continue vaccinating the laggardss, repeats that it is necessary to help the CC.AA. The Supreme Court says that in certain circumstances, with a temporary limitation, it is admissible, but that the limitations of rights cannot be generalized, according to the minister.

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    An internal report from the Ministry with the Carlos III Institute monitors the duration of vaccines in real time. Darias states that will follow the opinion of the experts when extending the third booster dose to more age groups. In the case of minors, it depends on the decision of the European Medicines Agency.

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    You have to make it difficult for the virus“, says the Minister of Health. Above all, with the use of indoor masks now that the cold is coming. She is relatively optimistic about Christmas but insists that we have to celebrate the holidays” taking care of ourselves more than ever. “

  • 08:41

    Darias indicates that the vaccination campaign continues with the administration of booster doses and that 60% of ICU patients are not vaccinated. It calls for attention to continue with the protection measures. It clarifies that the occupation of intensive care is around 5%.

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    The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, points at The Hour of the 1 from TVE, that “we must take care” of the incidence but not worry because “Spain is a reference for other countries” since “vaccines protect us” and we must continue with “the culture of care”.

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    The cumulative incidence of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants is situated above 100 in Spain, a level not seen for two months, has risen 8.17 points in the last 24 hours. Health reports 6,315 infections and 29 deaths.

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    The impact of the coronavirus on nursing homes: seven deaths in the last week. IMSERSO has registered more than 30,600 deaths with coronavirus in nursing homes since the beginning of the pandemic.

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    Good Morning! The coronavirus pandemic continues its evolution and we tell you the latest events. In Spain, the official death toll rises to 87.804 and exceeds five million deaths worldwide.


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