Coronation Street fans spot problem over Emma Brooker’s exit with Jon Spear after predicting huge twist

The latest episode of Coronation Street saw Emma Brooker go on a rollercoaster of emotions after her love interest, Jon Spear, found out she had a hand in his grandfather’s death. The character, played by Jordan Silver, was stunned earlier this week when Emma suddenly dumped him after planning their lives together.

Despite only knowing each other for a matter of weeks, Jon’s imminent move to the other side of the world left him asking the pink-wearing barmaid if she’d go with him. However, her hopes of a happy ever after appeared to be dashed when Faye Windass and her boyfriend Craig Tinker discovered they were seeing each other and ordered Emma to call things off-which she did.

Then, during the ITV soap’s Wednesday night trip to the cobbles (April 6), Jon unexpectedly arrived at their flat and demanded answers and it was Faye who eventually blurted out that they were responsible for his Ted’s death and came clean about how Faye accidentally ran frail Ted down on New Year’s Day as a still tipsy Emma, ​​played by Alexandra Mardell, accompanied her in the passenger seat.

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In the scenes at the beginning of the year, the girls took Ted back home to his flat after he insisted he was fine and didn’t want an ambulance to be called out of fear his family would end up putting him in a home. But when they returned to check on him later they found that he had passed away in his armchair from him.

After the news was finally revealed to Jon, there were heart-breaking scenes as he stormed out with Emma following him out the door and pleaded that she loved him. Fearing she had lost her chance at true love, there was a major twist as he returned to the flat with the bombshell that he still wanted to move away with her.

Later, after Faye and Craig returned from the hospital after receiving the devastating news that Faye wasn’t, or hadn’t been, pregnant and needed to undergo more tests, Emma revealed that she’d be leaving the cobbles to move away with Jon .

Jon discovered the truth in Coronation Street

But while Corrie viewers were stunned by Jon’s apparent acceptance, others were point out a more practical issue with Emma’s moving plans.

@GOMDT1981 tweeted: “#corrie so that’s two soaps floating the Australian visa laws in the space of a couple of months.”

“Emma wouldn’t just ‘go’ to Australia just like that She’ll need her visa @itvcorrie #Corrie,” @CHG3899 commented.

@KyleSew2112 shared: “How tf has she got a visa in a day #corrie.”

“I was kind of hoping Emma’s mum would have come back from Leeds and kicked a few cobbles about with Steve again. I can’t see how Emma can get an Aussie Visa in 2 days,” @StocKRat said.

Corrie viewers are now having to wait until Friday to see if Emma does leave with Jon but what we do know is that it is actress Alexandra’s last week on screen meaning she’ll be waving goodbye to Weatherfield either way.

Emma is planning to move with Jon

But some fans thought there would be a bigger twist to come after watching Emma chat to Jon about her earlier life in Australia.

“Did anyone else think it was going to come out that they were related? When they knew the same place in Australia?” @helen_artfunkle asked.

Several people replied saying that they thought the same, with some having thought they may have ended up having the same mum.

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