Controversy between Urkullu and Metal workers: whistles in Barakaldo




The PNV held a meeting this Saturday in Barakaldo, before which the metal workers have delivered a letter. Subsequently, some workers have whistled at him at the beginning of their intervention.

The controversy between the Lehendakari Urkullu and the Metal workers of Bizkaia continues. Urkullu has been whistled at the beginning of his intervention in an electoral act of the PNV in Barakaldo, and he has reproached them for the protest, when half an hour before they had handed him a letter “with all due respect.”

“This happens to us to tell the truth” has begun his intervention. “How is it possible that on the same day and in the tract of approximately half an hour, that workers and family members of Cables and Wires with all due respect give me a letter regarding your demands That tomorrow I was going to share with Arantxa Tapia, but can we share it today, and in the half hour tract we have to endure this circumstance too? “he reflected.

Urkullu has addressed, in this way, a group that has protested during the PNV electoral rally. Before the event, about six workers have addressed him to deliver a letter with their demands to achieve “a decent agreement.” Half an hour later, at the start of the rally, around a dozen workers have staged a protest.

Urkullu recalled that the protests are due to what he said in a conference offered at the Tribuna Europa Forum September 30th. “For those interested in the truth, this responds to something that I answered in a conference on September 30. It is recorded and at minute 26 approximately there is the answer that I can offer today as well. If something characterizes us, it is to tell the truth. and not by much shouting they are going to silence what is my consideration on the truth “.

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This is what he said specifically about the Metal strike of that day: “I have already known a demonstration at 07:00 in the morning in front of my house in Durango and therefore I know what I am talking about and the characteristics of a certain And I am absolutely sure that even though the demands of the unions are logical, I am sure that the employers and the Biscayan Federation of Metal employers is the one that least wants these circumstances to occur and that they have had to arrive I am sure that the employers and the Biscayan Metal Federation have done everything possible these months to try to reach agreements and we have known for months, since before the summer, the willingness of the unions to this In addition to having announced a hot autumn, which leads me to interpret that a will to agree or dialogue with a will to agree does not exist either. Ances are redirected by reasonable parameters and that this does not prevent those who want to dialogue with a willingness to agree to continue sitting at the table with that spirit of willingness to agree that they claim. “

On September 11, the parliamentarian of EH Bildu Iker Casanova and that of Elkarrekin Podemos Jon Hernández, censured and described as “unpresentable” the position that in their opinion made the lehendakari in favor of the employer’s association. Iñigo Urkullo denied having positioned himself in favor of the businessmen in this conflict and demanded that the Metal unions in Bizkaia and the bosses dialogue and “true” and “authentic” will to agree.

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