Conservatives and Socialists, below 5%

The candidate of the center-right party The RepublicansValérie Pécresse, and the socialist candidateAnne Hidalgo, to the French presidential elections have asked for the vote by the current presidentEmmanuel Macron, for the second round of the elections after the historic setback suffered by the two great formations that have historically governed France.

24 Horas Fin de Semana – The Socialist Party and the center-right crumble and do not reach 5% – Listen now

The Republican party has obtained this Sunday its worst result in history, with just 4.5% of the votes, with 97% counted. The Socialist Party, for its part, has fared worse with only 1.7%, far behind other leftist forces such as La Francia Insumisa or the Communist Party.

both formations they reap the worst results in their history and do not reach the 5% threshold which allows the reimbursement of campaign expenses. Despite their territorial roots -they still govern in eleven of the 17 regions and have 149 mayors in cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants-, both formations fail to take off at the national level.

The president and candidate of The Republic on the Move (LREM) has won the first round with 27.6%, ahead of Le Pen, with 23.4%, so both candidates The Elysee will be played in the second round on April 24.

The historic debacle of the Socialist Party

The Socialist Party presided over the French Republic five years ago, however François Hollande lost popularity during his tenure and his party has since collapsed. His candidate in these elections, Anne Hidalgo, who was re-elected as mayor of the capital in the municipal elections of 2020, it has not suffered the same fate at the national level and has garnered just 1.7% of the votes in these presidential elections.

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Hidalgo has accepted his defeat at the national level during his speech after the polls closed and has asked the French to vote in the second round “against the extreme right of Marine Le Pen”. The socialist has urged her supporters to support Macron “so that France does not fall into hatred.”

The results place the historic party below other formations such as the Communist Party, Los Verdes and La Francia Insumisa. Hidalgo just sneaks in ahead of the two far-left candidatesNathalie Arthaud, from the Workers’ Struggle, and Philippe Poutou, from the New Anti-Capitalist Party.

Pecrésse asks Macron to vote “despite their differences”

“I take responsibility for this failure,” said the Republican candidate, Valérie Pécresse, in her first speech after the polls closed. Pécresse has stated that “Despite their great differences” will vote for Macron on April 24, and has asked his constituents to weigh “the potentially disastrous consequences” of any decision other than his own. Pécresse has expressed his concern because “the extreme right has never been so close to winning” and has described Le Pen as “close” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the beginning of the year, the polls pointed to Pécresse as a candidate with options to compete in the second round against Macron. However, over the months was falling positions in the pollswhich placed it with about 10% in voting intention. Finally, what was Nicolas Sarkozy’s party barely reaches 5%, falling below polemicist and far-right Éric Zemmour.

Pécresse recognized in his speech having been a victim of “the useful vote”. His potential voters have gone in two directions, either towards a more moderate candidate like Macron, or towards a more radical option embodied in the leader of Reconquista.

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Hidalgo and Pécresse have not been the only ones to express their support for the current president. They have also asked for a vote in favor of Macron or “against the extreme right”Yannick Jadot, from Los Verdes, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, from La Francia Insumisa, and Fabien Roussel, from the Communist Party.

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