Condado de Treviño and Arganzón approve an initiative to promote the integration of Treviño in Álava




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Both municipalities recognize that the agreements with the county councils of Burgos and Álava have improved the coordination of services in the enclave, the purpose and will of Treviño is to achieve the integration of the enclave of Treviño in Álava, for which a table of job.

The town councils of Treviño County and of The Puebla de Arganzón, which form the enclave of Treviño (Burgos), have resumed their desire to integrate in Álava with a joint initiative approved at the proposal of the mayors of both, Enrique Barbadillo (PNV) and Pablo Ortiz (EH Bildu), respectively.

The two mayors have convened two extraordinary plenary sessions that were held this morning and have approved a common institutional initiative that they intend to serve to achieve the integration of the Burgos enclave in the province of Álava, within the Basque Country.

According to the approved document, the objective is to “revitalize the process”, since the agreements that have been working so far, signed by the councils of Burgos and Álava, are “fulfilling their purpose”, but also “have accommodated the neighbors “without this having meant an advance in the demand for integration.

To move towards annexation, a work table made up of non-institutional people who can work to integrate Treviño in the Basque Country.

A communication campaign will also be designed in favor of the integration of the enclave in Álava and to publicize “the problems of the atypical situation of Treviño, which is within Álava, in the Basque Country, but depends administratively on Burgos, in Castilla y León “.

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In addition, both municipalities undertake to launch an appeal to the public to “accompany and organize in the promotion of this initiative in order to constitute the fundamental and indispensable citizen motor in the objective of achieving the integration of the Treviño enclave in Álava” .

In 2017, the negotiation of a framework agreement between the Provincial Council of Burgos and the Provincial Council of Álava began, which was subsequently developed through agreements and was renewed last spring.

The mayor of La Puebla de Arganzón recognizes that this agreement has increased coordination for the improvement of services with respect to the enclave. However, he assures that he has never stopped stating that the ultimate goal of all the work is to ensure that Treviño is from Alava, because “the agreements of the county councils are only patches until they reach integration in Álava.”

In this sense, he recalled that it is a wish that has been repeatedly expressed by the two municipalities, the Provincial Council of Álava and various neighborhood communities.

In addition to the mayor, the PNV, the Treviño corporation is made up of five councilors from constituencies and one from EH Bildu.

For his part, the mayor of Puebla de Arganzón belongs to EH Bildu, which has another councilor in the City Council, in addition to three councilors from the PNV and one from the PP, although the latter has not attended any plenary session since last October.


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