Computer problems prevent the discount from being applied correctly at gas stations

Gas stations in various parts of Spain have had computer problems this Friday for the application of the discount of 20 cents per liter of gasoline that the Government has launched. This is the case of Repsol which has registered problems at the national levell in the face of the avalanche of customers who have come to their service stations in the early hours of this Friday.

“What is happening is an accumulation of operations. It is true that the systems are slowing down before the recorded peak, but these incidents have been somewhat punctual,” the company explained to Efe, which anticipates that throughout the day “the situation returns to normal” and “a valley zone of petitions” is reached.

As Efe has been able to verify at several Repsol gas stations -owner of the largest chain of service stations in Spain, with more than 3,300-, some of them have even had to stop their activitynot being able to access the computer system to record payments and apply the discount.

Problems at Valencian gas stations

The sales terminals of a good part of the Valencian gas stations also are experiencing problems applying the discount.
As the president of the Mediterranean Federation of Service Station Entrepreneurs, Juan José Sánchez Segarra, explained to EFE, “there is no point-of-sale terminal (POS) prepared to carry out this operation, and that is creating a big problem for us” .

“What is happening is a shame and chaos. Perhaps later they will not want to pay us the money that we are advancing for not doing it correctly,” laments this businessman, who affirms that the Government has published the form to claim the payment of those discounts around 9.15 am.

“The gas stations are trying to open and adapt, but in conversations we have with many businessmen we know that they are having many problems. Some choose to offer fuel without discount or for asking customers to look for another service station where they can apply it,” adds the president of this gas station employer. Sánchez Segarra wonders if the Government will fulfill its commitment to pay the funds that they are advancing as of Monday. “We’ll see if three days or three months go by,” he doubts.

Queues and complaints at gas stations in Galicia

The application of the bonus has also caused queues at gas stations and claims by customers. In statements to EFE, the president of the association that brings together the gas stations of Lugo and vice president of the regional federation, Lourdes Franjo, said that, in her establishment, “it was not even ten in the morning yet” and she already had about the “three customer complaints” table.

“Operationally, this is horrible. I don’t know how people who have to apply the discount by hand will be able to do it. We have everything computerized, the program supposedly does everything, but it is getting stuck, ”he added. “At the moment, we are taking the data of the clients to make the invoice corresponding for refueling and send it later. We have to review them. It is better to do it that way than to give it to them with some error”, he specified.

“Throughout this morning I have already received several SOS calls, from people who it asks me what to do, if it closes or keeps it open” the gas station, stated Lourdes Franjo. She acknowledges that she no longer knows what to “tell” them, because “if this doesn’t improve, we can’t stand it for three months, neither I nor my employees.”

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