Cold Weather Payments triggered in 22 areas as UK set for February snowfall – full list


Cold Weather discounts are paid out by the Government during times of freezing weather – they equate to £25 per week, and with the Met Office warning of snow, you could be due a one-off payment

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Cold weather payments: Everything you need to know

With snow forecast in parts of the country as we enter February, households could find themselves due a £25 a week energy rebate from the government – in the form of a Cold Weather Payment.

These are one-off weekly energy subsidies handed out by the Department for Work and Pensions to those who receive state support in areas experiencing freezing winter weather.

The money goes to households on low incomes who receive a qualifying benefit, such as pension credit or certain employment benefits, when temperatures sink to below 0°C in the area they live in.

Payments are triggered by data collected by the Met Office from 94 weather stations around Britain.

Heavy snow is expected in the next seven days in what’s been described as a ‘February freeze’

The scheme runs each year from November 1 to March 31 every year.

If you do qualify, you’ll get a £25 a week payment for every seven-day spell of cold weather you experience.

If you’re experiencing freezing weather in your area, you can find out if you’re owed money by entering your postcode in to the DWP’s online finder. Alternatively, we’ve listed all the postcodes triggered so far below.

For more weather alerts, see our updates here.

How to claim a £25 Cold Weather Payment

If you qualify for a Cold Weather Payment, you’ll be paid automatically after each seven-day period of freezing weather.

This money should arrive in the bank account you already have registered with the DWP – and payments should be made within a fortnight.

Contact the pension center or your local Jobcentre Plus office if you think you should have received a Cold Weather Payment but didn’t.

The Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 9344 can also be used.

Meanwhile, if you’ve had a power cut due to bad weather this winter, here’s how to get an energy refund.

The annual big freeze is on its way


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What do I need to know about Cold Weather Payments?

Cold Weather subsidies are paid to people on low incomes who receive a qualifying benefit, such as Universal Credit or certain employment benefits.

The average temperature in your area needs to have been 0˚C or less for a week or more. This must be based on Met Office readings.

Millions of people aged 65 and over also meet the criteria for winter fuel payments every year because they’re older and vulnerable. This is usually linked to Pension Credits.

Below is a list of the benefits you’ll need to be in receipt of (read more on whether you qualify for benefits, here):

You can keep up to date on the weather on the Met Office’s twitter page.

Cold Weather Payment postcodes triggered so far

If you’ve experienced freezing temperatures in the past two months, check your postcode to see if your area qualifies for a £25 payment.

  1. AB34
  2. AB35
  3. AB36
  4. PH10
  5. PH11
  6. PH18
  7. AB37
  8. IV13
  9. PH19
  10. PH20
  11. PH21
  12. PH22
  13. PH23
  14. PH24
  15. PH25
  16. PH26
  17. IV4
  18. IV6
  19. IV7
  20. IV14-IV16
  21. IV23-24,
  22. IV63

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