Climate change.- Oxfam criticizes the “ridiculous” agreement of the COP26 in Glasgow


Oxfam has criticized the “ridiculous” agreement reached this Saturday at the XXVI Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Glasgow (United Kingdom), the COP26.

“This laughable result is like turning a deaf ear to the suffering of millions of people both now and in the future,” said the executive director of Oxfam International, Gabriela Bucher, in a statement. “Emissions continue to rise and we are dangerously close to losing this race against time,” he added.

For Oxfam, “clearly, some world leaders think that they do not live on the same planet as everyone else.” The NGO recalled “the large number of fires, rising sea levels or droughts.”

“Extreme weather is already ruining the lives of the most vulnerable people (…). The world’s poorest people are the ones who have done the least to cause the climate emergency, but they are the ones who have to fight to survive and at the same time time to pay the bill, “he stressed.

In any case, Oxfam has recognized that the call to strengthen the 2030 reduction targets for next year is “an important step”. “The big emitters, especially the rich countries, must heed this request and align their objectives to maintain 1.5 degrees,” he stressed.

“For the first time, a target for adaptation financing has been agreed. The commitment to double is below what developing countries asked for and need, but if it is met, it will increase support to developing countries by thousands. of millions “, has highlighted Oxfam.

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However, the overall balance is negative: “It is painful that diplomatic efforts have once again failed to cope with the scale of this crisis.” However, hope remains: “We must draw strength from the growing movement of people around the world who challenge and hold our governments to account. A better world is possible. With creativity, with courage, we can and must hold on to this hope.” Bucher has concluded.


The head of climate justice at Oxfam Intermón, Lourdes Benavides, has indicated with regard to Spain that the Government “has done its homework with the publication of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law this year, but should propose greater ambition and adjust to climatic evidence “.

“The Law was somehow born old, with the objective of at least 23% reduction in emissions compared to 1990 and the Government must align it with scientific evidence. The Government should commit to reducing it by 55 percent, in line with the EU “, he pointed out.

Oxfam Intermón also regards as “good news” Spain’s commitment to end public financing of coal and subsidies for fossil fuels by the end of 2022.

“The summit has failed in climate justice. Proposals on climate finance fall short of adaptation or ‘loss and damage’,” he said.

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