Clean up this Christmas with the best Samsung vacuums

The new year brings new opportunities for socializing – but with them comes the pressure to get things looking ship-shape and chic when inviting guests round.

Enter Samsung, which has developed a range of vacuums and floorcare products to make cleaning up a breeze, whether it’s the morning after the night before or you need to do a quick tidy up before your nearest and dearest pop over.

Lightweight but with powerful suction that doesn’t compromise on deep-cleaning credentials, Samsung’s Jet range not only packs a vacuuming punch but can save you money – Samsung is offering up to £150 off on its powerful Jet hoovers range.

Here are some of the stand-out floor-cleaning products in the range:

It may be lightweight and easy to use, with a handheld body that weighs in at just 1.66kg, but this vacuum is a heavyweight when it comes to sucking power: it boasts 200W suction, plus a five-layer filtration system that captures 99.99 per cent of microdust, for a more hygienic clean.

The Samsung Jet 90 Pro is powerful yet lightweight


It works across all floor types, from hard-wood to carpets, with a number of accessories to help you tackle hard-to-reach places; these include the Combination Tool, Extension Crevice Tool, Mini Motorized Tool and Flexible Tool.

With a Turbo Action brush that spins at around 3,750 times a minute and an extra Spinning Sweeper brush, designed for wood floors, the 90 Pro separates fine dust particles from the air as it goes, plus has 27 cyclones boosting the airflow for seriously strong dirt and dust removal.

And it’s cordless – just pop the vacuum on its stand-alone Z Station and watch the battery go from flat to fully charged in 210 minutes. It then has up to 60 minutes running time before you need to recharge.

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The clue’s in the name – this mighty 200W vacuum is specifically designed to pick up stubborn pet hair in seconds, alongside other dust and debris. In fact, the Digital Invertor Motor even uses the same design as an airplane engine, boosting airflow and spinning faster than a Formula 1 car’s engine.

Samsung Jet 75 Pet picks up stubborn pet hair


Weighing in at 2.8kg, the lightweight design has a 0.8L capacity and a run-time of an hour when fully charged.

It features an incredibly fast-spinning Turbo Action Brush, plus accessories including the Mini Motorized Tool – a smaller powered brush ideal for stairs and soft furnishings such as sofas, curtains and car seats – and the Flex Tool which, when used in conjunction with the Combination Tool or the Extension Crevice Tool, makes cleaning hard to reach places, such as behind furniture or on top of cupboards, a doddle.

The multi-layered filtration system captures up to 99.99 per cent of microdust particles, dust and allergens, while the 2-in-1 charging station can either be wall-mounted or used as a standalone charger – you can even remove the battery and pop it in to charge.

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This is the ultimate accompaniment to a Samsung vacuum cleaner to create an even more hygienic home. It makes emptying the vacuum’s dustbin even easier, quicker and cleaner – place the bin on top of the Clean Station and it automatically empties.

The Clean Station is the ideal accompaniment to a Samsung vacuum


An airtight, Anti Dust Emitting Structure and Multi-layered Filtration System both stop dust escaping into the air – great news for allergy sufferers. It incorporates Air Pulse technology too – currents of air pulsate through the bin to shake dust and debris free and lock them away – and has an activated carbon filter to keep smells trapped inside.

The Clean Station even alerts you to when it’s time to empty it; a blue LED on the front of the unit turns red when the bag’s full, telling you it’s time to swap out the bag.

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For more offers on the Samsung Jet range visit T&Cs apply.

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