Citizens speak of “historic trigger” of the PP on 13F

Historical and unprecedented trigger“This is how Ciudadanos has called the result of the Popular Party (PP) in the elections in Castilla y León, because in their opinion they intended to kick the ‘orange’ formation out of the Cortes and their candidate, Francisco Igea, has achieved representation and because they aspired to an absolute or very large majority that has been left “very far”.

The Deputy Secretary of Communication for Citizens, Daniel Pérez, has avoided criticizing the fall suffered by his party in these elections, where he has gone from having twelve to a single prosecutor, and has charged the responsibility of the anticipated call to the PPwho governed together with Ciudadanos until December, when President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco put an end to the Executive: “Who has to do self-criticism is the one who has gotten us into this mess,” he claimed at a press conference.

In his opinion, the result obtained by Igea is a “success” because the PP wanted them dead, but they “resist” and “he who resists: wins.” And he has been convinced that Ciudadanos is today a “stronger and more united” party than when Mañueco called elections “by treachery.” “Let’s not forget where we come from and above all where we wanted to get to. They wanted to kick us off the board, make us a ‘game over'”, Pérez pointed out.

“They called elections looking for an absolute majority and to erase the Spanish liberal center. None of that has happened,” defended the party’s president, Inés Arrimadas. According to her, she has highlighted in a message on her Twitter account, the project “resists in Castilla y León in a fragmented and we are more necessary than ever in all of Spain“, for which he has encouraged Francisco Igea to “continue working together”.

It has been precisely the candidate for the elections, Francisco Igea, who has made the greatest self-criticism within the formation. In an interview in The mornings of RNE, has shown his concern about the results of the regional elections. “We have obtained a seat, the results are not good and we have to reflect on how we can grow from hereAn opinion that Pérez has normalized because “he is a demanding man.”

RNE’s mornings with Íñigo Alfonso – Igea: “Mañueco has managed to get fewer votes than ever” – Listen now

They summon PP and PSOE to reach an agreement

Both Pérez and Igea have summoned the PP and PSOE this Monday to reach an agreement so that Vox is not decisive when it comes to forming a Government in the Junta de Castilla y León. For the deputy secretary, these elections, with the PP and the PSOE with 31 and 28 seats, respectively, should lead to an agreement that avoids “involution” which would mean, in his opinion, the entry of Vox on the Board. “It would be curious if once again the two big parties were not able for once in their lives to stop thinking about the interests of the party”, and that they now think about the “general interest” of Castilla y León, said the leader of the orange formation. “Let them try,” Pérez urged. However, the Socialists have already ruled it out.

Along the same lines, Igea has trusted that the possible pact between PP and Vox will not take place. “But I’m afraid so,” he lamented her. “It is depressing that there is only PP and Vox or PSOE and Podemos. I think we need a great agreement to make reforms and not think about the political space of each one”, he claimed.

Igea criticizes Mañueco’s “maneuver”: “The PP has gone from having a liberal partner to having a partner like VOX”

The ‘oranges’ have underlined that their results they cannot be compared with the regional elections of May 2019 because their debacle occurred in the general elections in November of that year, when they went from 19% of the vote to 7.6%. In addition, they believe that there is a “very clear” change in trend because they have improved their result in the Madrid elections by one point, from 3.5% to 4.5%, and have retained 30% of the vote. According to Pérez, if the result is extrapolated to some hypothetical elections in Andalusia, they enter and enter “well”, “being decisive”, as in the Valencian Community.

They accuse the PP of “irresponsibility”

In addition, those of Arrimadas have accused Pablo Casado’s party of having committed “irresponsibility” in which the “pagans” are the Castilians and Leonese, because it goes from stability to uncertainty of “who takes the baton in exchange for what” and whether steps can be taken backwards. According to Citizens the problem is now in the offices of the PP, who has made a mistake with the electoral advance. “The one you’ve bundled up, chick,” Pérez pointed out.

Ciudadanos has claimed to be the party that guaranteed “that no one was afraid of the future.” And faced with the possibility of a government “of remnants” -with local candidates- or taking steps back, they ask to prevent “populism from having the upper hand”, but they point out that “the sensible thing” is for “the two big parties”, that is, PP and PSOE.

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