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The only nine deputies that Ciudadanos retains in Congress could now be crucial in the negotiations to validate the decree law of the labor reform in a few weeks. The president of the party, Inés Arrimadas, confirmed this Wednesday that, despite the reluctance of her formation before the final drafting of the text, Cs is open to supporting the rule in the lower house. “With this government, the labor reform could be much worse. If the Government calls us, we will do what has to be done out of responsibility ”, Arrimadas explained in an interview with RNE.

The position held in public by various members of the Government is not to change a single comma of the agreement reached with unions and employers after nine months of negotiation. But after the initial rejection of its usual parliamentary partners, who consider the reform insufficient, the Executive now assumes that the text that finally comes out of Congress will have to incorporate amendments to satisfy them. In this sense, the Ministry of Labor has already maintained the first discreet contacts with ERC, PNV and EH Bildu to listen to their demands. Among the requests of the nationalists are the prevalence of regional agreements over state agreements and that is where Ciudadanos could stand out. “What I believe is that Sánchez is going to give in as usual to his nationalist partners and this could end up worse than what has entered Congress,” Arrimadas stressed.

The initial reluctance of the parliamentary partners of the Government to validate the text in the lower house, which needs an absolute majority to move forward, favors the position of Citizens on a board where it was barely moving a tab, especially after being left out by second consecutive year of the negotiation of the General Budgets. But, despite the opportunity that opens up for training, Cs also has its own demands. “A lot of promise, a lot of promise, but in the end obviously this is not a repeal of Rajoy’s labor reform. It is a missed opportunity. Many more things could be done: put the austrian backpack ―An account in the name of each worker in which the company periodically pays a part of the dismissal in advance―, which can now also be financed with European funds, there could be more incentives for hiring, an improvement in training for employment. .. ”, added the president of the training.

The words of Arrimadas are added to those of the parliamentary spokesman for Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, who this Sunday already advanced his party’s predisposition to support the reform in statements to Europa Press. “It is a joy that an agreement has been reached, we have always demanded that any labor reform be carried out with the agreement of the social agents. In this sense, I believe that Parliament has a moral obligation to respect that agreement, but it has to incorporate its own decisions, “said Bal. The Government is open to dialogue with the Citizens group, especially if negotiations stall with the usual allies, although that possibility, socialist sources admit, would most likely raise internal tensions with the most leftist sectors of United We Can.

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