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There has been no vaccine against the desertion of the Spanish public from movie theaters. The pandemic has hit the cinematographic exhibition hard, and especially Spanish films. In the absence of computing the last days of 2021, as of December 19, Spanish cinema had accumulated 40.5 million euros, according to the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Will go a little further by jerk these days of comedy Mom or dad of Dani de la Orden, for the route that still remains to Way Down, by Jaume Balagueró, since it will be necessary to add, to the amount collected in commercial theaters, the collections from summer cinemas, festivals and other events. So it will stay very close to or equal to 43 million last year, in which there was lockdown, cinemas closed until well into the summer and limited capacity. There have also been limited capacity in 2021, and few titles all the way until July, and in the face of this flight of the audience from the rooms they have only planted a battle Spider-Man: No Way Home, Fast & Furious 9 and Santiago Segura.

Yes last year There is only one father 2: The arrival of the mother-in-law reached 13 million euros, in this 2021 A full train: Asturias destination it totals 8,493,358 euros thanks to its 1.5 million tickets sold. In both courses, Segura has led the Spanish cinema at the box office: the difference is that in the confinement season Father there is only one 2 It was the most watched movie, and in this one, Full train it is in fourth position. In return, on both occasions the filmmaker premiered when the market signals were negative: his audience was loyal and entered theaters to enjoy his comedies. By the way, Segura rolls these days in Madrid Father there is only one 3 with the purpose of complying with his usual summer appointment, which this time will be on July 15, 2022.

This difference between the two Segura titles points to the great debacle: Spanish cinema has gone from a 25% market share to 16%. Only 6.8 million Spanish viewers saw national cinema. And we have been lucky: in the last 30 days the figure has improved a lot —from 34.7 million it went to those more than 40 million— thanks to Mama or papa, way down and the candidacies for the Goya of The good boss, by Fernando León, who will end 2021 with 3.3 million euros won at the end.

In 2020, the theaters achieved at the box office almost 170 million euros in revenue and 28.2 million viewers; a drop compared to 2019 of 72% and 446 million euros (the worst data since there are records). In this 2021 the cinemas will raise 250 million euros, according to data from Comscore, the auditing company. For comparison, in 2019 the box office earned 624 million euros and in 2013 (the worst year in the last decade), 506 million.

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Spider-Man, and his 85% of the total collection in his premiere

The highest grossing film of 2021 has been Spider-Man: No Way Home, with 15.3 million euros until last Sunday 26. As in the rest of the world, the latest adventures of spider man have swept the box office: if in Spain during the weekend of its premiere it was on 978 screens, almost a quarter Of the existing ones, and achieved 85% of the collection, in the US that percentage increased to 90%. This last weekend of the year – which has been quite good, with 5,191,042 euros of collection added to the 20 highest-grossing films – in theaters seems like an X-ray of the entire season: it remains the leader Spider-Man, starts well Sing 2! (1,300,000 euros), and the current Spanish comedy (Mom or dad) it is still well placed (in fourth position). Matrix Resurrections hooks the public who enjoyed the original title, which revolutionized science fiction in 1999: it has entered third position with 1.25 million euros.

On the other hand, as during all of 2021, the adult spectator, the lover of auteur cinema or more cinephile dramas, does not go to theaters. And that explains the bump of West Side Story, Steven Spielberg, or the failure of the US launch of The alley of lost souls by Guillermo del Toro when we have the information. In that territory, these films have been taken from some screens to program more screenings of Spider-Man. In Spain, West Side Story It has been released on 450 screens and last weekend, its first on the bill, it made only 588 euros for each one, almost half of what it achieved Mom or dad That he had been in the movie complexes for another week.

In October 2019 it was released in Spain Parasites, of Bong Joon-ho, the Korean film that had won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and that later, weeks before the lockdown, swept the Oscars. It raised 7.8 million euros. Neither in 2020 nor in 2021 any independent title or author has come close to the thriller Korean. That will end, predict the independent distributors (that is, of companies that are not subsidiaries of Hollywood studios) and the exhibitors, with the diversity on the billboard, with the European cinema and with enough production of the Spanish cinema. The pandemic has accelerated a process that began to take place five years ago: theaters are on the way to becoming exclusive places for films considered events, such as superhero films, large-budget productions, Telecinco Cinema launches and premieres by a few (few) filmmakers Spanish people. The adult audience is reluctant to return to the stalls; the adolescent moves only by these premieres.

By collection, in Spain after Spider-Man: No Way Home they have stayed Fast & Furious 9, with 9 million euros; Venom: there will be carnage, with 8.9 million euros; At full train, with 8.4 million; Dune, with 8.2 million; No time to die with 7.9 million euros and Eternals, with 7.3 million, according to Comscore data. The Spanish list is headed by the comedy by Santiago Segura, followed by Way Down, with 5.4 million euros; Operation Shrimp, with 3.5 million; The good boss, with 3.3 million; Maixabel, of Icíar Bollaín, with 2.8 million, and Parallel mothers, with 2.6 million. There will be no more Spanish films that exceed two million euros in collection.

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