Christmas miracle for Britain’s ‘unluckiest’ dog finally rehomed after owner died

Dillon, a nine-year-old lurcher, has been in a rescue in Cornwall for more than two years – and after several failed rehoming attempts, has finally found a family

Dillon finally has a home!
Dillon finally has a home!

A lurcher known as Britain’s ‘unluckiest’ dog has hit the jackpot after finally landing himself a home.

It comes after the black dog, named Dillon, spent two years in a rescue shelter after being found guarding his dead owner’s body in 2019.

Despite his loyalty, protecting his master until the very end, the poor pup had several failed adoption attempts while residing at the National Animal Welfare Trust, in Hayle, reports Cornwall Live.

But the lovely lurcher’s luck changed for good this week, when he was finally adopted by a new family, who gave him a home just in time for Christmas.

Never having lived with another dog, children, and never walking with another dog, the team worked with him to make Dillon’s life as stress free as possible but despite his loving and playful nature – the team found it difficult to rehome him.

He’d been waiting for more than two years for a home



The nine-year-old dog, who is young at heart, was taken into a shelter at the National Animal Welfare Trust when he was found protecting and watching over his elderly owner after he passed away.

He hit headlines last month when he nearly found a home when a potential owner showed interest in the lurcher, but the adoption fell through after years of failed rehoming attempts.

After a trial living with another dog, it was clear this wasn’t going to be an option as Dillon is “too used to being an only child to share”. After the trial he was back at the centre again, and it was time to try and find him a new owner based in Cornwall. After an appeal was spread far and wide Dillon was let down once again.

Several people have started to get to know Dillon in the past two years, but through no fault of his own they all pulled out.

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Changes of circumstances, family, and changes of heart, the charity says Dillon had seen it all and was desperate to get to know someone who would take him home and give him the life he deserves once and for all.

“After so many failed attempts at homing, he really is Britain’s unluckiest dog,” said a spokesperson.

“You can regularly hear the staff at the centre walking with Dillon and saying things like ‘how on earth are you still here Dilly?’, ‘How is such a good boy just so unlucky?’ and ‘Dillon if only you would live with another dog… I would take you tomorrow!”

But on Friday, December 17 Dillon left the shelter for what should be the last time.

Black dogs like Dillon are typically harder to rehome, as well as lurchers being an unlucky breed due to some personality quirks


National Animal Welfare Trust SWNS)

“On that cold winter morning Dillon put on his coat, the team packed up his mountain of toys and he headed out of the door for the very last time. Yes, Dillon has found his forever home, and just in time to spend Christmas with his new family.

“The whole team shed tears of happiness after weeks of his new owners meeting him and bonding with him, they finally took him home to start his new life.

“After a national and international campaign to find this boy his forever home, and another failed attempt along the way, we had an application for Dillon which ticked all his boxes.

“After arranging a meet it was love at first sight for Dillon’s new owners and most importantly, for Dillon who felt right at home. Since then we have had news that he has found his spot on their sofa and made himself right at home. A perfect happy ending in time for Christmas.”

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