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There are seven candidates for the position of president that he leaves vacant Sebastian Piñera, the current conservative president who has served his second term. Piñera is one of the richest men in Chile. It was before he got into politics and it will continue to be when he leaves it. But during his first term, according to the Panama Papers, Piñera there would be sold a state mining company to a close friend in a transaction involving the president’s sonsyou and was made in a tax haven. For this, the opposition at The Chilean Congress and Senate have tried to carry out an indictment of Piñera. Finally, they have not obtained the votes in the lower house, but that has served as a throwing weapon against the presidential candidate of the conservatives and taken advantage of by the coalition from left that directs Gabriel Boric with the campaign brand “I approve of dignity “.

Seven candidates and the two plus voted will go to a second round, because it is unlikely, according to the polls, that none will most enough in this first round. But there are two, the extreme left, and the extreme right, the groups of Boric and Kast’s, which appear as favorites. Carlos Pereira explains it to us My, what is a Chilean political scientist and geopolitical analyst. “Correcto, they are extreme. The situations of the region and the world, is a moment of historical change that we are living. It is not a situation punctual chile. Cases of corruption politics at all America they corrode governments of the right, of the center and of the left. “

Joseph Antonio Kast is the aspirant of the extreme right, leader of the Republican party and who, according to forecasts, would the second game plus voted, just behind the left-wing coalition led by Gabriel Boric and that includes the communists. Founder of the extreme right movement, brother of Vox or of Bolsonaro in Brazil, no I had real chances of winning just a year ago. But the socio-economic and political situation in Chile has radically changed in just one year, going from being a marginal candidacy, to appearing as the second party plus voted in the polls. His speech is anti-immigration, pro-militarization, although in public it is presented with a somewhat plus moderate.

“I am not a Pinochetist, I have never denied the violation of the rightschos humans, of done, There are people serving time for that and I have voted in favor of the renewal policies and I know the victims of the suffering of that era. We are doing well and it shows, because all the candidates were concerned about what I He said, no He said Or I could say, so yeah … we’re going to meet one of them in the second round. “

There is the circumstance of that on the Chilean parliament, the left parties are majority and have a mandate until the second half of 2022. Those same parliamentarians could cut the presidential term, if the winner of these elections in the second round of December, were Joseph Antonio Closet.

In between, is The Constitutional Convention is under way, to replace the Cconstitution of 1980 approved during the Pinochet dictatorship. That reform was voted in 2020 and now is drafting with changes that include newyour rights and guarantees. All this in a country where a crisis of legitimacy and social conflict has settled.

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