Children facing ‘life alone’ after single mum, 48, dies suddenly on New Year’s Eve

The family of beloved mum Claire Harrison, 48, are distraught at having to “face a life alone” after their doting single parent died at a Liverpool Hospital on New Year’s Eve

Claire Harrison, 48, died suddenly on New Year's Eve
Claire Harrison, 48, died suddenly on New Year’s Eve

The children of a doting mum-of-three are “facing life alone” as they make funeral plans for their only parent after she died unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve.

Claire Harrison, 48, passed away with her heartbroken family around her at Liverpool Royal Hospital on December 31.

Her sudden death came after a “quick and unexpected” deterioration in health, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Claire – who was from Huyton in Merseyside – initially went to Liverpool Women’s Hospital with concerns about polyps (small tissue growths) after she suspected “something wasn’t right”.

The growths were removed without issue and the 48-year-old was sent home with a coil in and a stent for her kidneys.

It was around a week later that Claire started to feel unwell.

She was taken to the Royal Hospital where doctors found an infection that lead to a failure of her liver and kidneys.

This resulted in an “overload” of fluids which moved to her lungs.

Claire caught Covid and her condition wenbt “downhill” suddenly


Samantha Jackson)

She initially went to hospital with concerns about tissue growths


Samantha Jackson)

Her niece Samantha Jackson said that Claire initially seemed okay, but she then caught Covid, which led to her going “downhill all of a sudden”.

Samantha said: “She was fine, she was getting out of bed and texting her children but suddenly she just took a turn for the worse.

“She was getting fluid retention on her lungs and then she caught Covid and it was too much for her. She went downhill all of a sudden.

“The family were called in around 3am on New Year’s Eve to say there was nothing more they could do for her and were told to prepare, and she passed away around 5.40pm that day.

“She was the only parent they had. They were very close to their nan and grandad but they passed away two years ago this year and they only ever had their mum their whole life.

“They are now facing the world being alone as they have no-one else to turn to. Their mum was their world and now they have to learn to live without her.”

Claire leaves behind her three children, Connaugh, Ewan and Paige who she “adored”.

Samantha has set up a fundraising pag e with the hopes of reaching a £4,000 target to help the three children with funeral costs and some financial stability in the near future.

She added: “It’s the difficulty of finding funds. The youngest is 13 and the eldest has to take on that responsibility now. It’s not just the funeral, it’s the future as well.

“They face a long, hard road ahead. It was so unexpected, just a couple of weeks before she was up and about talking and texting her children.

“I just want to help, I’m trying my best. If I can take just one stress away as they deal with everything else. They haven’t even had time to properly process it.”

The fundraiser has already raised over £500 for the family and can be accessed by clicking here.

The fundraiser, set up on New Year’s Day, said: “Yesterday while the world was waiting for the new years celebrations to begins. My three cousins Connaugh, Ewan and Paige were sat beside their mums hospital bedside praying for a miracle and hoping that the doctors had somehow got it wrong. When they were told their mum only had hours to live.

“Sadly she passed away last night 17.40 surrounded by her loving family and children.

“This now leaves her three children who the youngest is only 13 facing a very difficult and uncertain future. As their mum was their world and the only parent they had.

“This illness has happened in a space of 3 weeks and they have had no time to prepare. Like most people this time of year money is very tight for the family.

“So I am asking if people would like to donate as little or as much as they can to help towards the funeral cost and any monies left over will help the children financially as now they face life alone.”

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