Cheeky monkey enjoys a fun-filled day out after Monkey Forest’s first-ever ‘escape’

Chaos erupted after a cheeky little monkey ‘escaped’ at Trentham Monkey Forest.

However, if you’re aware of the date you will know that this is an April Fools! The cute cuddly toy vanished from the gift shop and enjoyed the day exploring the forest amongst the real primates while the sun blazed this morning (April 1).

While on the run, the escape artist revealed in the sunshine, tucking into Easter treats on offer at the popular family attraction.

Following the great escape, the little monkey popped on a cunning disguise with some cool shades while sipping on a refreshing slush puppy from the Banana Café.

However, aware that time was ticking on, Monkey decided to hit the road and head to his final destination – the new primate themed play area – but not before swiping a cookie to keep him going on his big day out.

Monkey enjoyed a slush in the sun

Staff were hot on the runaway’s tail although he was nowhere to be seen when they arrived at the Banana Café. But there was a huge tell-tale sign that the fugitive had been nearby as he left a trail of cookie crumbs leading all the way to the new play areas.

Monkey swiped a cookie for his journey
Monkey swiped a cookie for his journey

Monkey had managed swiftly swing across the monkey bars, navigate his way across the cargo net and get up to the top of the climbing frame when staff finally located him.

However, he didn’t want the fun to end so he gave chase as he jumped from tree to tree using the platforms, before having a quick minute to catch his breath in the ‘Chimpanzee nest,’ while he was out of eyesight of the watchful staff.

But once he had made it to the balance beams he finally ran out of luck and was apprehended. Maybe if the little monkey had been wiser and spent some time waiting in the look-out tower then he would have been able to evade the staff for a little longer.

Monkey enjoyed a slush in the sun
Monkey enjoyed a slush in the sun

Upon his capture, he posed as cool as a cucumber for his mugshot placed on the logs nest before being returned to his correct shelf back in the gift shop.

All jokes aside, Trentham Monkey Forest can proudly say that they have never had an escape. The Barbary macaques have everything they need in the forest including their family, food and 60 acres to freely roam – as well as having optimal living conditions – which you can explore amongst them.

The Monkey Forest is the only place in the UK where you can actually walk with Barbary macaques.

The monkeys that live in Trentham are Barbary macaques, unfortunately, these monkeys today are highly endangered.

The population has decreased by more than 50% in the last 30 years and there are now fewer than 8,000 wild Barbary macaques left.

Monkey Forest is strongly committed to the protection of the species by:

  • Raising public awareness for the need to protect this endangered species by giving people
  • the opportunity to observe the Barbary macaques in a setting very similar to their natural habitat
  • Developing educational information in order to help engage our visitors
  • Working with organizations to help protect wild Barbary macaques, such as Barbary macaque Awareness and Conservation (BMAC) * Primate Society of Great Britain (PSGB) *

If you’re planning on visiting the forest during the Easter break then you may spot some new additions – adorable baby monkeys!

Babies are born in the spring and early summer with darker fur than adults. Births happen naturally in the trees and staff find out about the new arrivals when they see them when opening up in the morning. Babies are usually seen clinging to an adult or riding on their back.

Trentham Monkey Forest is one of the most unique but affordable days out in the UK as you can be amongst 140 free-roaming monkeys living in total freedom for under £10.

The Staffordshire-based attraction is open every day until November.

To book your day out at Trentham Monkey Forest click here.

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