Cheapest supermarket as we compared Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons prices

Saving money on food means shopping smart and getting the best prices at the supermarket – a pretty time consuming task.

Food prices are increasing at the same time households are feeling the squeeze of the cost of living crisis.

That’s why Manchester Evening News set out to compare the price of eight food basics over three weeks.

Noticeable rises in these items – a loaf of bread, a two-pint bottle of milk, coffee, teabags, butter, beans, chicken breasts and mince – can fluctuate week to week.

In previous weeks we’ve seen rises in milk, chicken and butter, so here’s the lowdown on the most affordable supermarket at the moment – plus lists of what everything costs.

Who was the cheapest supermarket this week?

One shop beat out the competition to be crowned the cheapest supermarket

We’ve also increased the price of Aldi’s mince to reflect its 20% fat mince at £1.89, rather than the cheaper 25% fat for £1.69 which was previously the only one available.

The changes mean that Asda has swiped the ‘cheapest’ crown from Aldi for the first week – coming in at £9.44 for the lot.

It pipped the retailer to the top spot by just two pence, with Lidl just six pence behind.

Tesco’s bill was £9.78, followed by Morrisons at £9.98 and Sainsbury’s at £10.55.

Previous weeks have seen price rises at Aldi, where its butter went from £1.48 for a 250g block to £1.55 and at Morrisons’ where milk rose from 95p for a two-pint bottle to 99p.

The price of chicken has also increased, with 300g packs at Aldi and Lidl rising from £1.79 to £1.85 and £1.79 to £1.99 respectively.

The only slight difference in sizes among our shopping is the baked beans which range from 400g in Sainsbury’s and 410g in Asda and Morrisons, to the standard 420g in Aldi, Lidl and Tesco – which shows you to keep an eye on the size as well as the price.

And where the 300g packs of chicken differ at 330g and 350g, we’ve worked out the equivalent price for a fairer comparison.


Morrisons has actually bucked the trend on coffee this week by reducing its 100g jars from 75p to 70p, bringing its price for 200g down from £1.50 to £1.40. But the reduction was canceled out by its 10p price hike on mince, up from £1.79 to £1.89.


This week, Lidl and Tesco increased the price of their cheapest 200g coffee, both by 16p (Tesco’s being two of its Stockwell jars up to 83p each).

There’s been another price hike on the Tesco shopping basket too this week, with its mince up from £1.79 to £1.89.


And if you’re shopping in Lidl over the next few days, they have an offer running on their budget Red Label tea bags, which are reduced from £1.09 to 79p for a pack of 160 this Friday to Sunday.

Where are you finding the cheapest products at the moment? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s the shopping list and total for each supermarket (Thursday, April 21)…

A customer shops for food items inside a Tesco supermarket store in east London on January 10, 2022. - UK annual inflation rocketed last November to 5.1 percent, more than double the Bank of England's 2.0-percent target -- price rises for fuel, clothing , food, second-hand cars and increased tobacco duty all helped drive up inflation.  (Photo by Daniel LEAL / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)
Food prices have risen during the cost of living crisis


Loaf of white bread 800g (Smart Price) – 39p

Milk 2 pints – 95p

Coffee 200g (2 x 100g Smart Price) – £1.40

Teabags 160 (4 x 40-pack Smart Price) – £1.12

Salted butter 250g (Smart Price) – £1.45

Beans 410g tin (Smart Price) – 22p

Chicken (bigger 350g pack for £2.35) – equates to £2.01

Mince 500g 20% ​​fat – £1.90



Loaf of white bread 800g – 36p

Milk 2 pints – 95p

Coffee 200g – £1.65

Teabags 160 – 99p

Salted butter 250g – £1.55

Beans 420g tin – 22p

Chicken 300g – £1.85

Mince 500g 20% ​​fat – £1.89 (up from £1.69 for 25% fat)

Total £9.46 (up from £9.26 last week)

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Loaf of white bread 800g – 36p

Milk 2 pints – 95p

Coffee 200g – £1.65 (up from £1.49)

Teabags 160 – £1.09

Salted butter 250g – £1.45

Beans 420g tin – 22p

Chicken 300g – £1.99

Mince 500g 20% ​​fat – £1.79

Total £9.50 (up from £9.34 last week)


Loaf of white bread 800g – 36p

Milk 2 pints – 95p

Coffee 200g (2 x 100g) – £1.66 (up from £1.50 last week)

Teabags 160 (2 x 80-pack) – £1.10

Salted butter 250g – £1.55

Beans 420g tin – 22p

Chicken 300g – £2.05

Mince 500g 20% ​​fat – £1.89 (up from £1.79 last week)

Total £9.78 (up from £9.52 last week)


Loaf of white bread 800g – 59p

Milk 2 pints – 99p

Coffee (2 x 100g) – £1.40 (down by 10p)

Teabags 160 (2 x 80-pack Savers) – £1.10

Salted butter 250g – £1.75 (down by 2p)

Beans 410g tin – 21p

Chicken (bigger 330g pack for £2.25) – equates to £2.05

Mince 500g 20% ​​fat – £1.89 (up by 10p)

Total £9.98 (down from £10.18 last week)


Loaf of white bread 800g – 60p

Milk 2 pints – 95p

Coffee 200g – £1.65

Teabags 160 – £1.09

Salted butter 250g – £1.75

Beans 400g tin – 21p

Chicken 300g – £2.20

Mince 500g 20% ​​fat – £2.10

Total £10.55

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