Chaos and adorable ears: Two minutes of German shepherd goofs that will make your day

Typically working dogs with important jobs, sometimes German shepherds forget they’re a big dog and become total plonkers, as seen in these adorable videos

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2 minutes and 40 seconds of goofy German shepherds to make you laugh

German shepherds are notoriously confident and courageous – which is why the intelligent canines have been used in police forces and the military for generations.

Yet despite their working dog drive and cool demeanour, when off-duty, the dogs can actually be complete goofballs.

More than seven billion TikTok views are made up of German shepherd content, providing a lot of laughter and entertainment.

From superstar singers to trying to play fetch – here are five of the hilarious hounds who forgot they were cool to make you laugh out loud.

Absolute BFFs

Cleo the German shepherd melted hearts when viewers saw how excited she was to greet her golden retriever bestie in the most hilarious way.

The dogs have been best friends since they were puppies, and when Cleo spotted her buddy across the park, she tried to crouch down in a bid to hide, stalking her lifelong pal in the grass.

Cleo quickly crouches down in an effort to conceal herself



Cleo creeps forward getting as close as she can until her golden bestie finally spots her and the two sprint towards each other in excitement.

The video, which comes from TikTok user @notoriouscleo, has become a viral sensation, with over 14 million views and almost three million likes.

I will always woof you

This German shepherd turned out to be a huge Whitney Houston fan, and can even belt out a tune or two.

Max was caught howling along to her hit single I Will Always Love You while cruising on a boat with his owner.

Max can’t help but join in when he hears the chorus begin


TikTok user @naughtiescape)

According to Max’s owner, any time the song comes on, he can’t help but start singing along – proving it with a demonstration.

And as soon as the chorus of the track begins, Max instantly begins to give Whitney a run for her money with his melodic a-woos.

Cheers, big ears

German shepherd puppies have famously large ears – and it sometimes takes a while for them to grow into them.

And one tiny GSD-collie cross, called Nova, was born with particularly big lugs akin to Dobby the House Elf, with her own capturing their growth on film.

Nova’s German shepherd ears develop

Nova’s German shepherd ears appear gradually over time, going from tiny to fully grown in a matter of seconds thanks to an adorable time-lapse video.

As the video plays, her ears gradually become more and more noticeable with each Uploaded by TikTok user @talesofnova, the video was a huge hit on the app, with almost four million views and over 550,000 likes.

Why won’t the baby play?

Brody welcomed a new human member of the family into his home – because more people, means more playtime – right?

But the German shepherd couldn’t work out why their two-month-old housemate wouldn’t throw his ball for him in an impossible cute clip.

Brody the dog wants to get his new fetching partner started early


TikTok / @keepingupwiththekokals)

Posted to TikTok by @keepingupwiththekokals , the dog is seen staring intently at the ball he’s put down next to the baby, glancing at his owners to get them to ask the baby to throw the ball.

“Brody, we have been over this,” the dog’s owner tells him, “He’s too young!”

Viewers loved the clip so much, they’ve called for the owner to post an update in a couple of years, when the baby will have grown enough to be able to throw the ball.

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Clumsy canines

Sadie Mae loves nothing more than finding the biggest stick she can carry and taking it home with her.

German shepherd’s big stick disaster wipes booze off shelf as hopeless owner watches on



The nearly two-year-old dog left viewers crying with laughter.

Having bypassed the narrow entrance, the proud-as-punch pup trotted inside where her confidence – and a number of bottles – took a tumble.

The dog catches the bottles on a chest of drawers sending glasses flying, at which point Sadie flees the scene – leaving her stick wedged between table and drawers.

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