Channel 4 Gogglebox’s Jenny breaks down during emotional scenes

If there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’s that you’ll either have giggle or shed a few tears when Gogglebox airs every Friday. Last night’s episode saw a mix of both, with viewers’ favorite families catching up on everything from the news on Good Morning Britain to new Netflix thriller Pieces of Her.

Things got emotional when the stars tuned in to watch BBC Two program Hospital: Road To Recovery. The scenes aired featured a woman who was in need of a kidney transplant having been born with a disease.

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At 17-years-old, she received a transplant from her father after learning that both of her parents were a match but, now 39, the deterioration of her replacement kidney meant she needed to have another transplant. Viewers watches as her mother de ella traveled from Amsterdam to donate.

The Goggleboxers watched the emotional scenes, which saw both women heading for their operations before discovering it was an instant success.

“I’d do the same for Jimmy,” Pete Sandiford said sat next to younger sister Sophie. He was referring to his baby son of him, who he had with wife Paige Yeomans last year before being introduced on the show in September.

There were tears from many of the Gogglebox cast

Helena Worthington, who became a mother herself while appearing on the hit programme, said to her mum and dad: “You would, wouldn’t you? If it’s one of your babies, you’d give them anything.”

Jenny Newby, alongside best pal Lee Riley from his caravan in Hull, burst into tears while watching the programme. She spoke about organ donation, adding: “I’ve already got mine sorted, they can have what they like but they can’t have my eyes,”

“I would give them everything, but I can’t give them my eyes.”

She then sobbed: “That’s awful isn’t it. I know I’m getting really upset because I think what could happen to me. I want to be able to see when I go to heaven.”

Trying to lighten the mood, Lee jokingly told her: “You’re not going to heaven,” before she hit back: “I am!”

Several Gogglebox viewers took to social media to speak about the emotional scenes.

@TheEeshKebab tweeted: “‘I wanna keep my eyes, I wanna see when I go to heaven’ I’m crying. I love Jenny so much @C4Gogglebox @leegogglebox #gogglebox.”

Jenny tearfully spoke about her own organ donation plans

“Jenny is the cutest. I want my eyes to see when I go to heaven #Gogglebox,” @its_minnie3 commented.

@Foldingstars295 shared: “Well this is making me cry #Gogglebox.”

“@C4Gogglebox got me in tears over the transplant #Gogglebox #family #love,” @StevenUdale33 added.

Comments made by Stephen Webb were criticized by some after he said the NHS was ‘free’.

Stephen’s comment was misunderstood

@monkeyboy4334 tweeted: “The NHS is definitely not free!! #Gogglebox.”

“Free at the point of use – however, we all pay for the NHS and it’s a great system that must never change!… #Gogglebox,” @mr_chambers_ wrote.

@lhsaapso1 tweeted: “@C4Gogglebox Stephen the NHS isn’t free we pay NI through our salaries.”

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