Celebrity skin expert Doctor Nyla explains why CoolSculpting is one of her favorite treatments

Please be aware that treatment results may vary depending on the individual.

The festive season is done and dusted for another year.

Now, many of us are reflecting on small changes we can make to improve our physical health and well-being in the new year that lies ahead.

With the most common new year’s resolutions centered around losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, no doubt inspired by weeks of partying, drinking and consuming our bodyweight in delightful festive treats, it’s a time when many of us start to think about our physical appearance.

With this in mind, Doctor Nyla Raja – a Cheshire-based celebrity cosmetic doctor – believes there are a number of treatments which may help clients to feel good, alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure that is frequently requested at Doctor Nyla’s clinics. The procedure aims to target areas of excess fat on the body, and may help to reduce excess fat on stubborn, common areas of concern, including the stomach, flanks, thighs, upper arms, back, buttocks and under the chin.

Cryolipolysis technology is the process behind the CoolSculpting treatment. When the device is placed on the affected area, it delivers low temperatures to the fat cells through a process of controlled cooling.

The targeted fat cells then become frozen, which aims to destroy them. The device includes Freeze Detect technology, which signals when the temperature of the skin is getting too low; protecting patients from experiencing cold burns and ulcers.

Doctor Nyla is passionate about helping to boost the confidence of her patients
Doctor Nyla is passionate about helping to boost the confidence of her patients

Doctor Nyla and her team offer a range of body contouring treatments. Doctor Nyla’s clinics in Cheshire, Liverpool, Birmingham and on London’s world-famous Harley Street have performed many successful CoolSculpting procedures on both men and women with varying needs to help reach their desired goals.

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CoolSculpting doesn’t involve invasive surgery that requires the patient to undergo general anaesthesia, and there is virtually no downtime attached to the treatment for most patients.

CoolSculpting can be an effective treatment for helping men and women to reach their body contouring goals. The treatment aims to target fat in the area of ​​concern, including stubborn pockets of excess fat.

Doctor Nyla said: “Regardless of shape and size, every body is beautiful just the way it is, but for those concerned about fat in specific areas, CoolSculpting is a fantastic treatment to consider.

“It is however important to understand that this treatment is not designed as a way to lose significant amounts of weight, this is something that can only be achieved by observing a well-balanced diet and undertaking regular exercise.

“CoolSculpting is a safe treatment to undergo when it is being administered by a trained and qualified professional, and I pride myself on employing only the most highly-trained, experienced professionals in my clinics.”

The Freeze Detect technology utilized by CoolSculpting helps to ensure that it is only the targeted fat cells that get frozen, and not the skin and tissues that surround them.

Patients may feel some slight pulling and a cooling sensation as the treatment begins. However, most patients visit one of Doctor Nyla’s clinics and relax while the treatment is in progress. The CoolSculpting device can get to work whilst patients take the opportunity to spend the time by watching TV, catching up with emails or reading a book.

Redness, swelling and firmness of the treated area may be experienced immediately following the procedure. For some people, the treatment can cause a slight stinging, or a tingling sensation can also occur. These effects are usually temporary, and any prolonged symptoms should be reported to the clinic as soon as possible.

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One patient took time to catch up on her emails whilst undergoing CoolSculpting therapy
One patient took time to catch up on her emails whilst undergoing CoolSculpting therapy

Patients are encouraged to clean themselves using tepid water for up to 72 hours after the treatment. Your practitioner can recommend suitable post-treatment serums to use, and patients should not apply make-up to the treated area for the first 24 hours. Your skin may feel drier than normal after the procedure, so patients are advised to keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Doctor Nyla is a forward-thinking cosmetic dermatologist, who is dedicated to helping her clients to achieve the best skin possible. She is the founder and medical director of Medispa Cheshire, as well as her clinics in Liverpool, Birmingham and on London’s world-famous Harley Street.

Having practiced for more than 18 years, she is incredibly passionate about delivering great skin with natural results, by providing non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

With a loyal client base including a string of celebrities, and holder of the prestigious UK Clinic of the Year 2019 award, Doctor Nyla sets high standards at her clinic, in how to use technologies to help improve skin without ignoring its own natural balance and equilibrium .

In the event of a medical emergency, always contact a medical professional without delay.

Doctor Nyla and her team welcome you to one of her clinics to experience treatments to help boost your confidence
Doctor Nyla and her team welcome you to one of her clinics to experience treatments to help boost your confidence

Individual results may vary.

Doctor Nyla welcomes you to her clinic to experience skincare solutions that can boost your confidence and achieve the perfect aesthetic look. Consultations are recommended to ensure you consider all treatment options available, and ensure they are tailored to your individual needs.

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To book an appointment, fill out this online form, email [email protected] or call 01625 324 162.

To read Doctor Nyla’s glowing testimonials, click here.

Earlier this year, we reported that Doctor Nyla Raja has had interim conditions imposed while the General Medical Council investigates unspecified allegations against her. Doctor Nyla strongly denies any wrongdoing.


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