Sister in tears at defendant’s phone call admitting to killing Sir Richard Sutton

Accused Thomas Schreiber called his sister Louisa Schreiber, 40, from prison and apologised for the attack which killed multi-millionaire landowner and hotelier Sir Richard Sutton, a court heard Louisa Schreiber… Read more

Row erupts on train when ‘exempt’ maskless woman refuses to let anyone sit next to her

The maskless woman – who claimed to be exempt from Covid rules – refused to move her bag for another passenger while travelling on the DLR in London. The shocking… Read more

Vkontakte: Kremlin nationalizes ‘Russian Facebook’ in new offensive to control the internet | Technology

Pável Dúrov, founder of Vkontakte and Telegram.The country One of the largest social networks in the world, Vkontakte (VK), is already in the hands of a state. The government of… Read more

Mexico studies the first suspected case of omicron in the country

The president of Mexico, López Obrador, in a file image in the National Palace.MEXICO’S PRESIDENCY (Reuters) The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported this Friday about the first… Read more

Covid-19: Mexico confirms the first omicron case in the country

The president of Mexico, López Obrador, in a file image in the National Palace.MEXICO’S PRESIDENCY (Reuters) Mexico confirmed this Friday its first case of the new omicron variant in the… Read more

Didi, the ‘Chinese Uber’, leaves the New York Stock Exchange to Hong Kong after pressure from Beijing | Economy

Just five months after its IPO in New York, the technology Didi, the main Chinese platform for shared transport (with a model similar to that of Uber), announced this Friday… Read more

The Treasury proposes that health and education have more weight in regional financing

The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, has sent to the autonomous communities of common regime and to Ceuta and Melilla her proposal for calculating the ‘adjusted… Read more

British couple trapped in France fear they could be banned from UK in Brexit nightmare

Carol and Lahsen Karmoud have been in relationship since 2016, and married in 2019, but have faced two years of issues to be able to live in the UK –… Read more

Sánchez Galán must testify before the judge on January 18, for the orders of Iberdrola to Villarejo

Economy Corruption Agencies | Eitb Media Judge Manuel García-Castellón agreed in June to charge the president of Iberdrola, for alleged crimes of active bribery, against privacy and falsification in a… Read more

Warning signs that lying killer stepmum was guilty all along are revealed by expert

Emma Tustin, 32, was filmed being quizzed by police after Arthur suffered a catastrophic head injury. She told officers who asked her what happened that the youngster had provoked her… Read more