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Deputies of the CUP, with Eulàlia Reguant in the center, after the appearance in the Parliament this Tuesday.
Deputies of the CUP, with Eulàlia Reguant in the center, after the appearance in the Parliament this Tuesday.David Zorrakino (Europa Press)

The Government decided this Tuesday to squeeze the negotiations with the CUP after the anti-capitalist militancy decided to present an amendment to the totality of the accounts but at the same time continue to seek an agreement. The consultation yielded a clear double result: 62% of the affiliates opted for the amendment but 68% continued talking. The deadline to present it expires on Monday and that calendar is seized by the Government to try to seduce the anti-capitalists. “We ask you to rectify: there is time to continue negotiating,” said spokeswoman Patrícia Plaja. President Pere Aragonès and the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, met in the afternoon for an hour and a half with CUP deputies to explore a solution and have asked them to specify their demands to close a pact.

Eulàlia Reguant, CUP deputy, announced the result of the consultation just as the Executive Council on Tuesday ended. Of the 509 militants registered in the assemblies – the CUP did not facilitate the global census because it is made up of 11 entities each with its own census – 462 voted and 62% of them chose to knock down the accounts. The parliamentarian has argued that the result is a triple amendment to the Government: first for normalizing its relationship with the PSOE, Foment and Aena and not advancing in the exercise of the right to self-determination; the second because it supports the “sociovergent” model and the third because they are “continuity” assumptions. However, Reguant, who has blamed the low participation in the consultation for the current “disaffection” to this Government, affirmed that his will is to continue negotiating until the end and has agreed that the amendment may be withdrawn.

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The Government spokeswoman has not entered to discuss these issues. “They are expansive budgets of more than 38,000 million euros and social”, he pointed out, referring to the fact that three out of every four euros are allocated to social spending. “The CUP has participated in them and will continue to speak.” The Government has conveyed the idea that the agreement with preferred partners is still possible and has not clarified whether they will initiate any approach to the PSC or En Comú Podem, which have shown their willingness to negotiate. “We believe that Catalonia will have budgets and we are on time for them to be with the CUP,” said Plaja.

The situation that will be generated is unknown: it is not known if the anti-capitalists will demand social improvements after the Government gave in on the big projects – the Hard Rock or the Winter Olympics – or if they will demand any progress on the issue strictly from process. Reguant has specified that in the next few hours the decision-making spaces of the candidacy will study and analyze the result of the debates to see if they can be dislodged or not. Or if

The councilors of the Government and the parliamentary directorates of Junts and Esquerra will hold a meeting this Wednesday at noon to activate all the springs and attract the CUP. The two majority partners have agreed on the need to preserve the pro-independence majority, made up of 76 deputies (33 from ERC, 32 from Junts and 9 from CUP). The absolute majority is set at 68. Aragonès has repeatedly appealed to protect the majority “of 52%”, alluding to the percentage of votes of the three pro-independence groups plus those of the PDeCAT, now extra-parliamentary, to preserve that majority, already cracked since In the General Policy Debate, the CUP was left alone asking for a unilateral referendum.

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Marta Vilalta, Esquerra spokeswoman, stressed that the Republicans’ bet is to approve the accounts with the CUP and defended that the budgets are faithful to the investiture agreement. The counselor Giró, independent signed by Junts, wanted last week to synthesize the comfort of the Government stating that there will be “budgets or budgets” in reference to the fact that the PSC or the commons could abstain (the latter already did so in the 2020 accounts). “That’s what we say budgets with the CUP,” Vilalta replied. Mònica Sales, Junts parliamentary spokesperson, pointed out with some sarcasm that her party is not “willing to throw 52% budgets into the trash of history”, in clear allusion to the phrase that the CUP coined after forcing Artur in 2015 More to renounce the investiture. Sales has urged Esquerra to reach an agreement with the CUP because he recalled that both parties closed an investiture agreement and that the Junts has already fulfilled its part in the budgets.

The PSC considers the majority of the investiture “broken”

All the groups in Parliament, except the PSC, have established their position on the budget debate. The entire bench of the right, Vox, Ciudadanos (Cs) and PP, will present an amendment to the whole and En Comú Podem is in that position but is subject to an eventual negotiation. Everything indicates that the PSC is waiting for the final outcome of the talks between the Government and the CUP to decide.
After knowing the result of the CUP consultation, Alícia Romero, Socialist spokesperson, stressed that the majority of the investiture has been “broken” and warned that the PSC is “incompatible” with the CUP. “We tell the Government that there are other majorities and not to market; do not leave the country in the hands of the CUP ”, he said.
Jéssica Albiach, leader of the group of the commons, defended a great pact for the accounts to prosper: “A broad consensus is better. This is not about independentists or non-independentists, but about making a common front to recover the country. We neither resign ourselves nor sign a blank check ”. The commons call the budgets “continuists” and that suffer, for example, from a mental health plan, which foresees spending more on roads than on trains and that four million are foreseen in the pilot plan for the income of citizenship when the City Council de Barcelona pays 17. Carlos Carrizosa, from Ciudadanos, predicted that the CUP will withdraw the amendment: “It’s all theater. It is only a negotiation instrument ”.

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