Castile and Leon | Soria ¡Ya!, first force in the province

The emptied Spain has reached the Cortes of Castilla y León. The citizen platform Syria Now! has managed to be the first electoral force in the province in its first electoral participationand it has been done with three of the five prosecutors that this territory distributes in the regional elections held this Sunday.

Soria, the least populated province in Spain, with 89,000 inhabitants, has experienced a authentic electoral upset with the irruption of Soria Now! In 2019, the PSOE won and took three of the five seats, while the PP won the other two. Now, with more than 80% of the votes counted, the group of voters has obtained 41% of the votes and to place the first two attorneys in representation of the movement that has shaken Castilian-Leonese and Spanish politics in recent years.

Both PP and PSOE have obtained one attorney each, while Soria becomes the only one of the nine Castilian-Leonese provinces without any attorney from Vox. Soria’s victory Now! has been especially loose in the capital of the province, where he has touched 50% of the votes.

The great doubt is now Soria’s policy of pacts Now! In the past, the platform has been open to looking left and right. “We can sit down and talk to anyone, always within certain parameters. Whoever sits down to negotiate with us and accepts some of our premises, will be able to obtain our support in the investiture, but it is not free support,” Ceña assured in a recent TV interview.

Syria Now! She is co-founder, together with Teruel Exists, of the platform España Vaciada, and was born more than 20 years ago to fight against depopulation and lack of services in the province. After the electoral advance announced in December by the regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, he decided to stand for the first time in elections and do so as a group of voters and not as a party, because they felt “shame”, according to Ceña, while the other Candidates in Castilla y León opted for the party formula and the España Emptied brand to present themselves.

The other four candidates, outside the Cortes

Less luck than ¡Soria Ya! they have had other candidacies from the emptied Spain platform. The other four candidacies that he presented in these regional elections, in Burgos, Valladolid, Palencia and Salamanca, have not reached the 3% necessary to obtain representation and have been left out of the Cortes.

The fight against depopulation is the main hallmark of the candidates, especially the one on the list headed by Ceña. If in Spain depopulation is a “serious pneumonia”, in Soria “there is lung cancer” with an average of 8.6 inhabitants per square meter, said the candidate in a pre-campaign act.

The platform has denounced during the electoral day that in some schools there were no ballots of his candidacy and that in the town of Monzón de Campos (Palencia), when denouncing this fact, the electoral table has answered that “they can vote for others, who There are other alternatives.” From the Electoral Board they have defended that you are not aware of these irregularities.

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