Casado warns Batet: he may be prevaricating

The president of the Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, announced this Friday that they are going to ask the Congress Table to reconsider the vote on the labor reform, which went ahead with just one vote difference, that of the ‘popular’ deputy ‘ Alberto Casero, by voting electronically “by mistake” in favor. If he does not do it, he has warned, the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, “could be prevaricating and this would have judicial consequences for her”.

What we saw yesterday is a real blow to national sovereignty. We will go to the end. It is not possible to contravene the will of a deputy to approve a ‘decree’ through the back door”, Casado pointed out before a statement sent to the media, within the framework of the elections in Castilla y León. The ‘popular’ leader He was thus referring to the controversy that arose this Thursday in Congress as a result of the vote to validate the labor reform, which went ahead with a single vote difference, that of the ‘popular’ deputy Alberto Casero, who voted by mistake after the ‘no’ of the two deputies of the Union of the Navarrese People (UPN).If it had not been for that failed vote of the PP, the reform would have declined.

Casado has announced that, given what happened, they are going to ask the Table of Congress “to reconsider this outrage”. “If she doesn’t do it immediately, the president of Congress could be prevaricating and this would have legal consequences for her,” he said. In addition, she has added that they will go to the Constitutional Court if necessary “so that the rights of political representation in Spain are not trampled on.”

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The party’s spokesman, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, spoke along the same lines this Friday. In an interview in The Hour of 1 of TVE has insisted that the vote in favor of the labor reform of deputy Alberto Casero was a “computer error” and that the deputy’s “will” was not respected. “We continue to maintain that this error occurred and that there was a will on the part of the president of Congress for this vote to take place. at all costs to carry out the labor reform“, he stressed.

The PP insists that the “will” of the deputy was not respected after the ‘yes’ to the labor reform: “It was a computer error”

“It is not typical of a developed democracy”

According to Casado, what happened this Thursday “was something that is not typical of a developed democracy”, because “the president of Congress was informed that the deputy wanted to vote in person because there had been a problem with the telematic vote.” “The regulation clearly says that the Table has to meet, but Batet did not want to do it because he knew the error in the system and wanted to approve the decree,” said the PP leader.

It is, he said, “a great failure for the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez”, since “his star measure” has been approved “with a rigging”. In his opinion, he “continues to depend on the radicals” and “there is no variable geometry that can withstand this government of cheats“. “It is a democratic outrage and must have severe consequences immediately,” he insisted.

The ‘popular’ leader has made this assertion in a video broadcast by the PP of his electoral visit to a logistics company in the province of Soria, which the press has not been able to access, so there was no possibility of asking. Within the framework of the electoral campaign, he has said that from the PP “they are going to defend what is a rule of law, with separation of powers” and has encouraged the citizens of Castilla y León to go to the polls on February 13. “If not everyone goes to vote, they will change the popular will in the offices,” she stressed.

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