Casado wants to resist despite the pressure

The leader of the PP, Paul Married, don’t plan to give up to the presidency of the party despite the multiple voices calling for his resignation both from within his party and from the street, according to sources from his environment to RNE and TVE. The same sources claim that Married has spoken with the ‘barons’ PP territorial in the “last hours” and say that “it’s calm”. However, other critical voices from the PP point out to TVE that the president of the party “has lost his sense of reality” and “is entrenching”.

married, what this monday meets its management committee, plans to hold out until the planned party congress, except for surprises, for July, after the demonstration of more than 3,000 people who gathered in front of the PP headquarters in Madrid’s Génova street this Sunday asking for his resignation and that of the general secretary of the party, Teodoro García-Egea. A demonstration that leaves the photo of a “fractured” PP, say some voices from within the party. Casado plans to endure also despite the fact that pressure is growing between his barons, who ask for an extraordinary congress to address the leadership crisis.

The name that sounds the most for that congress, which could be in April if it is convened urgently, is the Galician president, Alberto Nunez Feijoo who was precisely the one who spoke of the possibility of calling an extraordinary congress if Casado did not solve the internal problems and stop the “bleeding”. Feijóo, precisely, has become a kind of spokesman for the barons territorial of the PP.

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And in this context, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, intends to leave his post as spokesperson national party, according to sources close to him, although they have clarified that “nothing official yet”.

Married has only made one public appearance since the crisis broke out

Since the crisis broke out last weekwith the exit to the light of a alleged espionage promoted by the national leadership of the PP against the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the accusations of possible corruption of Genoa towards the ‘leader’ and the hard words that both Ayuso and Egea addressedMarried has only made a single appearance.

It was last Friday in an interview at COPE in which accused Ayuso of possible influence peddling and his brother of having used an alleged “figurehead” so as not to appear as the winner of a millionaire contract to acquire masks during the first wave of the coronavirus. At the very least, he said that what Ayuso had done was not “exemplary”.

Ayuso He issued a statement hours later in which explained that his brother had received more than 55,000 euros and not 280,000as pointed out by the national leadership of the PP, and not as a “commission by intermediation” but as a “consideration” for their work for his “efforts to buy masks in China.

just one day later, the PP accepted his explanations as good and closed the file that he had opened against the Madrid president for this matter, but far from considering the crisis closed, More criticism of his leadership has surfaced culminating in the demonstration in Genoa this Sunday.

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Married will try with the committee this Monday to tackle the serious crisis in which the party has joined in less than a week, but there are those who see with skepticism that the leader of the PP can continue to lead the party.

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