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The figure with the most moral authority in the PP, the president of Galicia Alberto Núñez Feijóo, launched this Friday a direct wake-up call to Pablo Casado’s jugular. In the week in which the leader of the PP had starred in one of his most controversial speeches in Congress, where he resorted to foul language and launched very serious accusations at the PSOE, relating it to sexual abuse of minors, Feijóo urged Casado to put aside the tension. “The great challenge you have today,” said the Galician president to the popular leader, who was listening to him in the front row at a party act in A Coruña, “is to bring responsibility, serenity and calm to Spanish politics” . The Galician baron pronounced in front of the president of the PP a plea against the policy of the division and the confrontation, which nevertheless fell on deaf ears. As soon as he spoke after the host, Casado warned that he is not going to shut up because nobody asks him to moderate and he redoubled the attacks against the Government, several of them unfounded, with special fixation on the first vice president, Nadia Calviño.

Feijóo’s speech left no room for doubt, despite the fact that his messages are always very measured and in the PP nobody knows very well how to interpret him. In the week in which the leader of the PP had been the protagonist for his aggressiveness in the control session of the Government, the Galician president called to return to the path of calm and calm. “Many citizens frequently wonder why we have to live in this permanent political tension,” reflected Feijóo. “And the solution, in all humility, is to pursue a serene policy, a calm policy, like the one we do in Galicia,” he said. “That’s why Pablo, I invite you not only to come to Galicia, but to look at Galicia. Because better than tension, than the agitation of other places, is serenity ”. Feijóo did not end there, and insisted on clearly opposing the policy of fighting. “There is nothing revolutionary about the tension in which the rest of the Spanish political groups want to install us. Today, what is truly revolutionary is serenity, calm, reflection, tranquility and thoughtful decisions ”.

The messages of the Galician baron had no effect on Casado, who rose to the rostrum with a catalog of new attacks against the Government while justifying himself by his tone. “Without the intention of teasing, if Sánchez asks to resign with 8% [de subida del precio de la luz]Why doesn’t he resign if he turns up the light by 500%? Do we have to shut up? Can’t we make opposition? Well, no, it can’t be that they try to gag us for the sake of I don’t know what moderation ”. The leader of the PP rebels against the “moderation” that is asked of him even in his own party, in a new strategic swing. Last week, in his tour of the Latin American southern cone, Casado played the role of a moderate leader, criticizing populisms, defending a great coalition with the PSOE (although he later amended himself) and statements about “returning to centrality ”. “We must broaden the political center,” he defended in an interview in The Mercury From Chile. A week later, Casado puts on the most aggressive and gruff suit again.

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The leader of the PP redoubled this Friday the attacks against the Government, with sustained accusations of half-truths and exaggerations, when not unfounded. The main target of his attacks was the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, whom he doubted was even born in La Coruña. He called her a “tax fraudster” because he claims that he bought his house, a “300-square-meter mansion”, using “an instrumental company with two front men, defrauding tens of thousands of euros.” Thus, an old information, published in 2018, was resurrected that the Minister of Economy bought a home in Madrid through a company created with her husband in 2000, from which she separated four years later. There is no evidence that Calviño was investigated by the Treasury for this operation. Tax advisers consulted by EL PAÍS explain that, as long as everything is declared, the use of a company to buy a habitual residence does not entail significant savings in the tax bill. In response to Casado’s accusations, Moncloa sources cited by Efe assured that the “economic solvency of the vice president is more than proven”, so any accusation in this regard “punctures, here and abroad.”

Casado also insisted on launching a very serious accusation against two socialist governments, which he points to for allegedly obstructing the investigation of cases of sexual abuse of minors. “The case of the Balearic Islands of prostitution of minors was 13-year-old girls. And the socialist government of the Balearic Islands is hindering the investigation, “he attacked. However, the events to which he referred, the sexual abuse of 16 young people who were under the guardianship of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs, have not had a judicial review because they were archived by the Prosecutor’s Office as there was no evidence of the existence of an organized plot , after a year of research. The police also ruled out the existence of a criminal organization aimed at abusing minors under guardianship, because the cases were independent of each other. The PP leader’s accusation of the Balearic Government of “obstructing” the investigation is based on the fact that he has refused to create a political investigation commission in the Balearic Parliament on what happened, not because the case could not be clarified by the authorities.

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Casado also charged against the left-wing Valencian Government asking for the resignation of the vice president of the Generalitat, Mónica Oltra, for the abuses committed to a minor under the tutelage of the Generalitat by Oltra’s ex-husband, who was an educator in one of the centers of the that the leader of Compromís was also responsible. The PP leader said that Oltra “is hindering the investigation of the abuses committed by her ex-husband.” The fact is that the ex-husband of the first vice president of the Valencian Government, Luis Eduardo Ramírez, has already been investigated and even sentenced by the courts to five years in prison for a continuous crime of sexual abuse with prevaluation of a girl who was then 14 years old. .

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The sentence that condemned Oltra’s ex-husband, with whom he no longer had a relationship at the time of the events, did criticize the actions of the counseling for the delay and inaction in reporting what happened, but another court exonerated Oltra for this. He did so after a complaint by the former leader of Vox Cristina Seguí against the vice president for the crimes of concealment and obstruction of justice, administrative prevarication and embezzlement of public funds. The Superior Court of Justice dismissed the lawsuit because it did not provide “any objective indication” that the vice president “could have ordered anyone (…) to carry out actions aimed at protecting Mr. Ramírez, already convicted of abuses”.

In his speech in Galicia, Casado persisted in the gruff tone, and made other controversial statements. He argued that “there are teachers [en Cataluña] with instructions not to let children go to the bathroom if they speak Spanish ”and that others are punished by putting stones in their backpacks. The PP justifies the irate intervention of the leader due to the “general fed up” in the citizens, and denies that it is a new lurch. Married is very angry with Calviño after a private meeting in which she spoiled his harsh tone in Congress, and in the popular leadership they warn that he is not going to lower the piston. “He is not going to shut up,” anticipate popular sources, no matter how much moderate barons like Feijóo ask him to abandon the path of tension.

With information from Lucia Bohorquez Y Maria Fabra.

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Egea and Rodríguez, hugs and taunts in a chance meeting

The rise in decibels of the PP leader against the Government occurs in the context of an open war in the main opposition party between its two main leaders. The conflict between Pablo Casado and Isabel Díaz Ayuso has no signs of a solution in the short term, even though on Thursday there was a chance meeting of two of the main protagonists of the clash. The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, and the chief of staff of the president of the Community of Madrid, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, faced each other for months, shared part of an after-dinner meal with journalists in a restaurant in Madrid, according to The host, the journalist Raúl del Pozo, revealed this Friday. Sources close to the two leaders reduce the meeting to an insignificant “anecdote” and admit that there has been no progress in the internal conflict, which they did not speak of. Nor have they been summoned to see each other again.

García Egea and Rodríguez met in the booth at the Varela café in Madrid where Del Pozo was celebrating his next birthday. The number two The PP was at lunch and Ayuso’s chief of staff came to the desserts. They greeted each other with a hug, according to sources present, and some “good vibes” jokes and taunts were exchanged, amid laughter from the attendees, according to sources from Puerta del Sol.

But among the jokes the reproaches also slipped. Ayuso’s chief of staff tried to defuse the internal confrontation by telling the general secretary of the PP: “We will fix this in three minutes and 25 seconds.” However, at another time, according to sources present, Rodríguez affirmed: “We all have to work so that Pablo Casado becomes president.” And García Egea responded loaded with intention: “Let’s see if it shows”, although other sources do not confirm having heard those words. In Genoa, they believe that Ayuso’s advisor is not working to help Casado reach La Moncloa, and they attribute a deliberate attempt to obstruct the popular leader’s path to power.

In their “frugal” meeting, García Egea and Rodríguez did not chat alone at any time, so sources from both parties recognize that their coincidence in the after-dinner did not serve to bring positions closer to a conflict that has been open for almost four months. In fact, Genoa has assumed this week that the battle with Ayuso is going on for a long time.

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