Casado criticizes Sánchez’s “false triumphalism”

The leader of PP, Pablo Married, he has criticized the “false triumphalism” from the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, during his balance of 2021, and has ensured that his training is the only alternative to the coalition Executive, while he has predicted that “the change is unstoppable.” “Neither we have come out stronger, nor the social shield has served”, has warned in a telematic press conference also to make political balance of the year that finishes.

Casado has charged hard against Sánchez, whom accused of acting with “arrogance”, “incompetence” and of “lying to everyone”In his opinion, the year 2021 has been “disastrous”, as it closes with “the worst government at the worst time for Spain.”

He has also reproached the Chief Executive for his “insensitivity” with those who died from COVID-19, as well as with the unemployed and the “families that stand in the hunger lines.” And he has argued that Spain is the country “with the worst economic figures.”

It has also made the government ugly once again by “hiding” the alerts “to continue with its ideological agenda” at the beginning of the pandemic, and its mismanagement during the health crisis. “We are in the sixth wave and he continues to lie to us,” he stressed.

Augurates that the “political” change “is unstoppable”

On the other hand, he has been convinced that the “cycle of change” which began with the regional elections in Galicia in 2020, continued with the failed censure motions in the Region of Murcia and Castilla y León and the “good result” in the elections of the Community of Madrid, “it is going to continue with the elections in Castilla y León “.

Casado affirms that the situation in Spain is “very bad” but “the cycle of change is unstoppable”

In this sense, he recalled that the latest polls place the PP “at the head” in voting intention. “The opposition party had never surpassed the ruling party in just two years,” he indicated.

For Casado, this improvement in the polls is due, on the one hand, to Sánchez’s “lousy management” and the “radicalism” of his government and, on the other, to the “responsible” opposition that his party is exercising.

Insists on a reform to renew the CGPJ

The president of the PP has also recalled his condition to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), whose mandate has now expired for three years: that the law be reformed so that “the judges elect their representatives”Because only then will they be “in a position” to renew it. Casado has responded like this after Sánchez has made a call to “comply with the constitutional duty” to renew the body of the judges.

Married, on the renewal of the CGPJ: “We continue demanding a reform so that the judges elect their representatives”

On the other hand, he has also criticized the international role of Spain, which he has said has lost “preponderance” since Sánchez is in government. For this reason, he has advocated for “recovering the Mediterranean link and the presence in Latin America.

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