Casado calls Sánchez to deal with the Ukraine crisis


The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has called this Wednesday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to address the Ukraine crisis. The ‘popular’ leader has reiterated the full support of the PP to exercise its obligations within the framework of NATO, according to sources from the PP. sanchez, for its part, has told him that the government will keep the groups promptly informed parliamentarians through Minister Albares or the Prime Minister himself, if the circumstances made it necessary, according to Moncloa sources.

Genoa and Moncloa have issued two statements after the telephone call, which occurred after the Government spokesperson minister, Elizabeth Rodriguez, has pointed out on TVE that “if Mr. Casado wants to talk to the Prime Minister, all he has to do is call and pick up the phone or put a message, there is no problem”.

The ‘popular’ have reported that Casado has urged Sánchez by phone to appear in the Congress of Deputies “For the sake of greater transparency in this crisis, a request that the Popular Parliamentary Group will formalize in the next few hours,” added the same sources.

The president of the PP has also conveyed the importance of unity of action within the government, as is happening in the rest of the European countries. In this regard, it has also offered the support and experience of the Popular Party at the international level.

Sánchez thanks him for his support, says that the Government will inform “promptly”

From Moncloa, they report that the call has taken place for approximately 25 minutes. Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Sánchez thanked Pablo Casado for the support of the Popular Party and has transferred that the Government will keep the groups promptly informed parliamentarians through the Foreign Minister or the Prime Minister himself “if circumstances make it necessary”.

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He also explained that the government’s position is based on guaranteeing the principle of international legality, “which goes through respecting the territorial integrity of nations, as is the case in Ukraine.”

For this, Sánchez has transferred that the necessary tools are the unity of the EUas well as the unit of the EU with NATO to guarantee “a demanding dialogue” with Russia: “The priority for deterrence and de-escalation through Diplomacy”.

In the same conversation Sánchez has asked Pablo Casado to “stop questioning the management of European funds”. The Government understands that the European Commission’s response should suffice and that the strategy followed to date by the PP “only damages the image of Spain.”

By last, Sánchez has also asked Pablo Casado for a favorable vote, or at least the abstention, so that the Parliament supports and validates the agreement reached between the economic and social agents, and of these with the government, for the labour reform.


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