Casado asks Sánchez to activate an educational 155 if the Government “persists” in failing to comply with the sentence on Spanish | Spain

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, on the 7th in Madrid.
The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, on the 7th in Madrid.Bald Elm

Pablo Casado traveled to Barcelona this Tuesday to launch a solemn plea against the harassment of the Canet de Mar family (Barcelona), who have asked to receive 25% of their five-year-old daughter’s teaching in Spanish, and to demand that the Government of Spain act to guarantee that the sentence on language immersion in Catalonia is complied with. The leader of the PP has asked the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to activate the requirement provided for in article 155 of the Constitution to intervene in the educational powers of the Generalitat if the Government “persists” in its disobedience to the judicial decisions that guarantee the percentage of classes in Spanish. Married, who denounces an “authentic apartheid linguistic ”in Catalonia for the case of Canet de Mar, has also advised the president and to counselor Catalan Education Ministry that if they continue to disobey their party, it will take them to court for various crimes.

The popular leader has expressed himself in very forceful terms against the harassment of the Canet girl and has charged the Government of Pedro Sánchez for his “complicity” in not preventing the harassment from continuing. “Whoever singles out a child for his ideological and political dogmatisms is morally ill. Children are sacred. Children cannot be stoned or isolated, in no democracy in any democratic European country this is being tolerated. And we are having the complicity of a government of the fourth euro economy. It is absolutely infamous ”, criticized Casado after having met with the associations in defense of bilingualism, Bilingual School Assembly, Catalan Civil Society, S’ha Acabat, Citizen Impulse, Universitaris per la Convivència, Convivència Cívica Catalana, AMES and Ampas Paralel.

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The head of the opposition denounces that in this case articles 3 (which establishes that all Spaniards have the duty to know and the right to use Spanish) and 27 (freedom of teaching) of the Constitution are being violated, and the Article 27 of the European Charter of Human Rights. Consequently, the Government of Catalonia is committing “various crimes”, warns Casado. For now, one of contempt for judicial decisions, he has explained, that probably if it is delayed in time it would become one of disobedience, he has specified. “And if it continues to persist, one of prevarication.” The PP, informs its leader Pere Aragonès and his counselor of Education, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, will take the two politicians to court “to obtain effective judicial protection for the commission of these crimes” in case they “persist” in their attitude.

But also the judicial journey, in the political the PP asks the Government to initiate the procedure of 155 to intervene in Catalan education if there is no change of attitude in the Government. “If the Government of the Generalitat persists in the breach of this sentence,” Casado asks Sánchez to activate the requirement of 155. The popular leader had already offered his votes to the PSOE to approve a 155 educational issue in the Senate, but today it has gone one step further by claiming the first step in this constitutional process, asking “to initiate the procedure to apply 155, as for example Felipe González did in 1989 due to a minor breach of the Canary Islands tax regime.” Casado has stressed that 155 is an article of one of the “most advanced constitutions in Europe”, and therefore this measure “neither [es] on the right, nor is Brunete against Catalonia ”.

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The PP gives maximum relevance to an issue that it knows causes contradictions in the PSOE due to its alliance with ERC and whose flag is disputed with Vox, which several days ago also announced that it will denounce Pere Aragonès and his counselor of Education for the case. “The Government of Pedro Sánchez prefers to continue in La Moncloa with the separatist votes that he swore not to accept at his inauguration and now uses it to leave a family and a child and a society that mostly wants what it wants. seny ”, Married has defended this Tuesday in Barcelona accompanied by the leader of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernández.

The popular ones launch an offensive on the case of Canet de Mar, with a battery of initiatives in Spain and Europe. The PP has registered an institutional declaration in Congress and a bill for the creation of the Higher Education Inspection body, which will prevent the “ineffectiveness” of this group “due to lack of personnel and rank,” explained Casado. At this point, the popular leader has made self-criticism by recognizing that during the governments of the PP the educational inspection in Catalonia did not work well either, and he has promised to reverse it if he comes to power. The popular will also take the matter to the European institutions.

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In parallel, the conservative party prepares a “language law” in the event that the Government reaches out to “shield” the freedom of choice of language in education, as well as the “linguistic neutrality” of the public space and that Catalan can be a merit for access to the public function, but not a requirement. To questions from journalists in Barcelona, ​​Casado has not clarified what his model of languages ​​would be in Catalan education, but he has been favorable to those who rule in Galicia, where in his opinion there is perfect bilingualism or trilingualism, and in the Community Valencian and Balearic Islands, in which an itinerary could be chosen depending on whether the area in which the school is located used a co-official language or not.

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