Casado accuses Sánchez of leaving Canet’s child “abandoned”

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, already loaded with harshness and in a very harsh tone against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, By left “Abandoned” the child of Canet de Mar (Barcelona) whose family has been harassed for asking for 25% Spanish in classrooms. He has also asked if “it seems normal to him that totalitarians are attacking a child.” Sánchez, meanwhile, has asked PP and Ciudadanos, who has also criticized him for this issue, “Do not politicize the language”.

The debate in the control session has returned to Congress this Wednesday in a tense tone. The PP has started the offensive that he announced this Tuesday against the Government for the case of the Canet child (he announced a legislative battery in Congress and said that he would take the matter to the high European institutions). And Ciudadanos has joined in on this issue.

Married: “What the hell has to happen in Spain for me to assume responsibility”

So much bullshit of kids and a toy strike and buns but leaves the children unprotected. How would you say, What the hell has to happen in Spain for you to assume any responsibility?“, Casado asked Sánchez. “You are a father and I am too and I cannot understand how you leave a child abandoned five years old while his separatist partners say that he should be stoned ”, he snapped.

The ‘popular’ leader has also asked the president “Why does it not oblige the Generalitat to comply with judicial decisions or why it does not comply with its constitutional responsibility ”applying the article 155 of the Constitution in educational matters. “If you don’t, we will sue you for disobedience”, has warned.

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Married He has thus moved away from the question he had registered on when the president would think to convene the State of the Nation Debate (which hasn’t been held in three years).

And also the leader of Cs, Ines Arrimadas, has gone along the same lines and has asked Sánchez “what he has to say to that family as president of the Government.” “You have not done anything. When they have hatred and fascism in front of them, they never act,” he reproached him, and said that “even the ombudsman has washed his hands.” After recalling that the Generalitat has said that it will not comply with the ruling of the TSJC that urges the centers to comply with 25% education in Spanish, it has asked the President of the Government, whom it considers “hostage of the separatists”, if “he’s going to bow his head.”

Sánchez says that he works for “coexistence”

Sánchez, for his part, has responded to both that the Government “will never politicize the language in any of the country’s territories “nor will it enter” those inflammatory statements ”. He has reproached them for talking “about apartheid linguistic ”and they have asked if they know what that meant in South Africa or in the 1960s in the United States. “Do not politicize the language,” he has sentenced. And specifically, he has criticized the “lack of respect” of the PP to the Cortes Generales and has asked Casado, due to the tone used in the debate, “how many coffees” has he had before it.

Regarding Canet’s child, Sánchez has shown “his solidarity ”with both the child and the family and he has assured that the Government “is committed” also to democratic legality. “This Government will always express the demand that the sentences be carried out firm of the Judicial Power, this is a Government that works for coexistence in classrooms and at school and we are never going to politicize the language in any of the country’s territories ”, he declared.

“More and more Catalans have shown that what they want is harmony and coexistence to overcome the misnamed ‘procés’, Sánchez continued, and defended that the Government does defend the rights and freedoms of all Spaniards and that it is “a government committed to public education”As has been seen, it has continued, in the increase in the endowment for scholarships or for education from 0 to 3 years, in the new education or FP law.

Finally, you have settled that the Government “feels and interprets the territorial diversity, the co-official languages” and it has assured that “it will always guarantee the right of all children to be educated and learn in the constitutional languages, which in the case of Catalonia are Spanish and Catalan.”

Pilar Alegría, to the PP: “Do not put the school in the political ‘pimpampún'”

The confrontation between Casado and Sánchez has spread between the PP and other ministers. “Do not put school in the political ‘pimpampún’“, the one of Education, Pilar Alegría, has snapped at the ‘popular’. The minister has assured that” all administrations “have the responsibility of” guaranteeing school coexistence “and has asked the PP “since when has it stopped being a state party?”, Government, a “responsible right” and since when “uses any excuse to try to divide the society of this country”: “Don’t you realize that with these speeches what you promote is the hatred and division?

For Alegría, the PP “does not care at all” what happens in Canet because his only “objective” is “to heat up the political tension” if that gives him “electoral benefits”, which he has considered a “dangerous and irresponsible way of understanding politics.” “There is no worse idea than dividing the Spanish badly using the language “, has sentenced.

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It has thus responded to the deputy of the PP Sandra Moneo, who has asked him to “resign” and “deny” what was said by the Catalan minister of Education regarding that Alegría has “guaranteed” that the sentence of Spanish will not be carried out in Catalan classrooms. “You are still the best alibi of separatism,” he has sentenced.

Also the vice president of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvin, has underlined the “desperation” of the PP to “say this string of barbarities” in Congress and has accused the “popular” of trying to paint a “gray, mediocre and sad Spain” that in his opinion does not respond to reality. Although the question from the PP spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, was of an economic scope, he took the opportunity to respond to Sánchez by saying that, in order not to “politicize the language”, the Government has negotiated with ERC 6% of Catalan in the future law audiovisual in exchange for your support to the Budgets.

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