Casado accuses Sánchez of “institutional depravity”

The president of the Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, has raised the tone against the socialists for the controversial vote on the labor reform in Congress, which was in his opinion an example of “institutional depravity”, a pact “typical of trileros” and a “resounding failure” that has left the Government “portrayed” before Spain, but also before the European Union (EU). The ‘popular’ leader has charged harshly against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, whom he has accused of “being capable of twisting national sovereignty and of cheating in Parliament“, but also against former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who participated in a rally this Sunday in León: Maduro’s “commission agent” and a “disastrous” character who “ruined Spain” and “is ruining Venezuela,” according to Married.

In the central act of the PP campaign, which took place this Sunday in Palencia, his birthplace, the ‘popular’ president has increased the decibels when talking about the result of the validation of the labor reform, which went ahead with an erroneous vote by a PP deputy and with the change of criteria of the two deputies of the Union of the Navarrese People (UPN), who finally positioned themselves in the ‘no’ after breaking the voting discipline of his party. Had it not been for that failed vote by the PP, which alleges that the deputy voted correctly and that everything was due to a “computer error”, the reform would have failed.

After announcing that the PP would request that the Congress Table reconsider the decision and warning the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, that she could be prevaricating if she refuses, Casado has denounced that in Spain there is “for the first time” an institutional crisis “as “it had never happened before, not even in the time of the most spendthrift socialists”, “a symptom of the destruction of institutions by the Government of Pedro Sánchez”. “We never thought that they would be able to twist national sovereignty and of cheating in Parliament to push through a Royal Decree-law. It’s the first time it’s happened and it’s very serious,” he insisted.

But the leader of the PP has gone further and has described the approval of the labor reform as an “institutional depravity”, where a deputy “wanted to exercise his right to vote and was not allowed to enter” Congress, while “the president lies saying that it is a decision of the Table, which had not met”. “This has not happened in Caracas, nor in Managua, nor in Havana. This has happened in the Parliament of Spain. A serious Parliament, which has given the best moments of democracy and constitution and which does not deserve this democratic outrage,” he claimed.

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For this reason, he reiterated, “they will go to the end” and claim responsibilities for possible prevarication by the president of Congress “under Sánchez’s mandate.” “That’s enough of cheating. It can’t be. Institutions cannot suffer this abrasion“, has added.

He accuses Sánchez of being “a damaged King Midas”: “everything he touches degenerates”

The biggest accusations have been against the President of the Government, whom he has described as “King Midas damaged”, since “everything he touches degenerates”. “Although he is more and more alone. You can see his tricks, people no longer trust him (…) That tightrope walk is something that can no longer hide“, he pointed out, emphasizing that “he no longer has the support of his partners” – in reference to the fact that some parties that supported his investiture as ERC, the PNV or EH Bildu voted against the labor reform – for being a “cheating government and a liar because he deceives everyone at the same time to see if anyone sneaks in and ends up supporting him knowing that he is not going to comply,” according to Casado.

“That is why what has happened this week is a resounding failure, a continuous and slow deliberation”, which in his point of view will have “very serious” consequences, among them, that the Government “has condemned itself to the Frankenstein route”, without options to “turn to the center”, and that “all of Spain and the parliamentary arch have realized that Sánchez is toxic“. “He’s gone from Frankenstein, to Dracula. Anyone who bites ends up being a zombie like him,” he said in reference to the Prime Minister.

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In addition, he has charged against some of the socialist deputies who spoke of “transfuguismo” after the ‘no’ at the last moment of the UPN deputies. “Those of the ‘no es no’ speak of transfuguismo. If they went against their party because they did not want to let the PP govern [en alusión a los diputados del PSOE que votaron en contra de la investidura de Rajoy en 2016, mientras el partido se abstuvo]. They are defectors from the Constitution and the future of Spain“, he has reiterated.

He says that Zapatero is “Maduro’s commission agent” and that he “ruined Spain”

And he has also dedicated several minutes of his speech to criticizing former president Zapatero, who said this Sunday that “own goals also go up on the scoreboard.” “Do you know who the Duke of the Falcon has come with?“, he asked in reference to Sánchez. “With the Duke of Maduro, it is the last straw”, he added later about Zapatero. “They take all the ghosts out of the moth-eaten closet of the radical left to see if they can scratch votes”, he added.

Regarding Zapatero’s phrase in question, Casado has said that “own goals” are scored above all when “there is a referee, there are no kicks, trips and you don’t have the linesman in favor of the game.” “The thief believes that everyone is of his condition“, he has insisted, and has referred to him as “Maduro’s commission agent”.

“The one who does business with a tyrant who has murdered 3,000 Venezuelan compatriots according to the UN. The business partner of a dictator who has expelled three million Venezuelans from hunger. Who rapes and tortures young people in prison. Are you going to come to say what the PP is?“, he emphasized, to later tell him to go to Venezuela, because “he has already done too much damage to Spain.” “What a shame that this guy comes to talk about the future of Castilla y León when he has ruined Spain and is ruining Venezuela. What a disastrous character “, he has insisted.

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Ask to concentrate the vote: “either PP or sanchismo”

For all these reasons, the leader of the PP has demanded before a packed auditorium that they concentrate the vote on Alfonso Fernández Mañueco on February 13, a “great president”, “with experience”, in front of the “mini I of Sánchez” -in allusion to the PSOE candidate, Luis Tudanca-; “The man who yells at you, but who doesn’t know what to do”, -about Ciudadanos, Francisco Igea- or “the horse”, to refer to the Vox candidate, Juan García-Gallardo. In addition, he has praised the “responsibility” of the president of the Junta de Castilla y León for dissolving the Cortes and calling elections to seek “stability” in the face of the “betrayals in offices” that he had to face in the regional Executive with his Cs partners .

“The elections of February 13 are an important point to unmask him. Either PP or sanchismo”, he insisted, later warning that “if you vote for the PP there will be a sensible government”, but voting for any other party “helps Sánchez”.

Along the same lines, Mañueco has taken advantage of the 35 years of government of the PP in Castilla y León and has appealed to experience and “the harmony that has always existed” between the region and the PP to continue progressing. However, he has asked “to be” ambitious “because in his opinion Castilla y León” is at risk “of losing what has been achieved if the PP is not voted for.”We want to be masters of our destinywe want what we need to be decided here and not in Ferraz”, he stressed, which is why he asked the attendees to help him reach the Presidency of the Board, multiplying by ten the votes of those present to get a seat and a majority.

The polls place the PP almost unanimously as the winning party. However, the good result would not be enough to govern alone and if in 2019 he had Citizens to form his Government, now the sum in the right-wing block would only come out with Vox. “We need an unprecedented mobilization,” he settled.

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